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Interviews for members recruitment will start next week!

Created in September 2020, the IUM Finance Society is the International University of Monaco’s premier professional, social, and academic organization devoted to the financial services industry.

After a year of operations events, lectures, courses, competitions, and opportunities to network for its members, the IUM Finance Society aims to pursue its mission of enlightening a future generation of professionals within finance and its many branches.

This week, the IUM Finance Society has begun recruiting the Board of Directors, interviewing motivated and experienced students ranging from the Bachelor to the Master’s in Finance and MBA programs, eager to join the team and leave a mark on the finance culture at IUM.

Ludovico FrigoPietro Marchesi, and Andrea Aguirre, respectively President, Vice-President, and Head of Operations at the IUM Finance Society, reported that: “it is great to see so many students with remarkable profiles and experience interested in being part of the upper management of the society. We are forming an exceptional team who will help lead the society to grow as a long-lasting one, grounded on personal and professional bonds.”

The IUM Finance Society’s program includes guest lectures on Wealth Management, Private Banking, Private Equity, Real Estate, and others. Networking events with Monaco’s financial professionals are fundamental for the members to explore Monaco’s opportunities and challenges. Some courses on portfolio management and equity valuations are part of the journey, along with trading competitionssocial events, and many other activities.

Interviews for members recruitment will start next week before kicking off the year with an exclusive welcoming party in late September.

Some more IUM Finance Society News will come soon!

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Written by Andrea Aguirre, current MSc in Finance student

Updated 28 September 2021