Acquire the specific skills in Brand Management to succeed in the Luxury Industry


  • A very diverse student body in term of backgrounds and interests;
  • Exploring the product mix strategy according to current trends and customer needs;
  • Integrating project-based and practical learning to develop business models and acquire entrepreneurial skills.
  • E-MOVIE LEARNING: an innovative learning experience based on a web series of eleven episodes, combining fiction and pedagogy, available exclusively online for INSEEC Group’s schools
  • YACHTING MANAGEMENT COURSE: This is the first and only one of its kind in the world
The track in Brand Management is ideal for students interested in acquiring a managerial expertise in the general luxury business or entrepreneurial expertise within the Luxury industry.

The program is built to develop hard skills but also the soft skills necessary to enter the luxury business.


  • An international mindset
  • An interest for acquiring managerial expertise in luxury business
  • A marketing and communication orientation
  • An interest for setting-up a company in the luxury industry


  • To immerse yourself in luxury business management
  • To understand the implementation of a strategic approach to marketing management, analyzing the essential steps of brand management of luxury goods and services: Creation, Development, Promotion and Distribution
  • To acquire the theories and practical knowledge necessary for careers in: Product and Brand Management, Communication, E-commerce and Luxury Distribution, Entrepreneurship

The global luxury industry has never been so diverse. Today’s luxury professionals must possess the capacity to evolve; they require an international outlook and an acute knowledge of this complex and discerning marketplace.

The Brand Management track merges strategic thinking with corporate creativity, and integrates rigor and intellectual scope, vital to successfully understanding the high-end market. It focuses on how the luxury industry interacts with the economic, cultural and technological environments of the twenty-first century, the characteristics of today’s luxury consumer and the resonances generated by high-end goods and services.


Exploring the current and on-going challenges facing the wider luxury sphere, the Brand Management track seeks to produce imaginative practitioners able to apply their business knowledge and creativity across specific industries.

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