Master of Science in Luxury Management

ANNALISA TARQUINI Program Director MSc in Luxury ManagementLuxury strategies were invented in Europe and developed worldwide mainly by French and Italian companies” (J.N. Kapferer, V. Bastien, 2012).

Monaco lays in between these two countries and therefore represents the best place where students can study luxury in class and experience luxury outside class.

Since 2006 IUM has developed its MSc Luxury Management taking into consideration the needs of an ever-evolving segment working closely with big groups and emerging brands.
The program is designed to give to our students strong foundations in Luxury Management making them understand the theoretical framework, the principles of the dynamics of luxury, the luxury customers, and the luxury codes.

Thanks to 10 years of experience and a strong legitimacy from the territory, the MSc in Luxury Management managed to train more than 600 international students now working all over the world in all imaginable luxury sectors at all levels.

Annalisa Tarquini, Program Director, MSc in Luxury Management

Practical Exposure & Live Experience


You need to confirm your specialization after the first common term (in December)


  • 2 intakes: September and January ONLY students holding a 240 ECTS/120 US credits degree with a specialization in the same discipline area of the Master program in which they wish to enroll may apply for Direct Admission to Term 2. The IUM Admission Committee will make a decision based on the candidate’s academic profile and background.
  • 10 months of courses + internship
  • 40 US Semester credits (120 ECTS credits)
  • Unique Yachting Management Track
  • Double Degree Option with POLI.Design
  • Internship, Thesis or Applied Project (Professional Immersion)