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25-28 March 2025

The 2,5-day program for mid-level managers is a tailored program meticulously designed to provide participants with a comprehensive set of skills and strategic insights. Through this course, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of advanced leadership principles, equipping them to navigate complex challenges in today’s dynamic business environment. The curriculum emphasizes practical applications, enabling participants to enhance their decision-making capabilities, foster effective communication, and cultivate a strategic mindset. By engaging in case studies, interactive sessions, and real-world simulations, attendees will develop the confidence and resilience needed to lead teams successfully. The course also offers networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with peers and industry experts, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Ultimately, participants will emerge from the program with an elevated leadership toolkit, poised to drive positive organizational change and achieve greater success in their professional roles.

Program Outline

Prof. Daniele Perchiazzi, Program Director

Daniele Perchiazzi is an Adjunct Professor of Leadership at IUM. He is also an experienced Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach, and Psychometric Expert, with over a decade of experience working with executives at the highest levels of leadership. Daniele has worked across diverse industries, including automotive, luxury retail, and finance, and has a strong track record of success in strategic leadership transformation, conflict resolution, team cohesion, and enhancing customer experience. He has worked with mid-senior management of globally recognised organisations across different industries and has worked in 4 continents and over 20 countries. Drawing on his expertise in psychometric tools, Daniele advocates for leveraging psychological insights to empower individuals, motivate teams, and navigate complex leadership scenarios effectively. By integrating psychometric assessments into leadership development initiatives, Daniele helps leaders gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change within their organisations. Daniele Perchiazzi can help participants in the program to understand their leadership style and how it is perceived by others, and to develop greater awareness about it. He can also provide actionable tools for energising individuals and empowering high-performing teams and help participants to explore the core principles of psychological influence, negotiation, and motivation of others. Additionally, he can assist participants in delivering feedback, managing conflict, and handling stressful leadership situations, and help them to cultivate an adaptable mindset and encourage innovation.

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