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This association gathers students with the same passion: cars!

At the beginning of the academic year, Antoine Vlieghe and Fulvio Piscitelli, first-year BBA students, decided to launch the Motor Club within the International University of Monaco.

After the Student Association presented the different existing clubs and associations, they noticed the absence of any organization related to the automobile. Yet, the Principality of Monaco is home to the most beautiful, the rarest, the most powerful cars in the world, and it is the capital of the luxury automobile.

“Being passionate about cars since my youngest age, pushes me to create an automobile club to bring together students who are passionate and interested in this field,” said Antoine.

The Team and their Goals

Their general objective is to bring together students and people from outside by organizing automotive activities, such as tourist rallies, car meetings, conferences, to name a few.

Our club wants to be innovative, dynamic, and ambitious. We wish, through students, car owners, tourists, inhabitants,  and professionals, to modernize and renew the prestigious automotive image of Monaco, generally perceived as discreet and inaccessible,” said Fulvio.

They devoted a lot of time to make this project a reality. They managed to build a very professional and close-knit team of students, composed today of eight people supporting the club’s different missions, from communication to the commercial aspect. And for the anecdote, they even have symbolically an “official driver,” who excelled in karting!


Because of the sanitary situation, their first event, a Student Touristic Rally had to be postponed to 2021.

But, they managed to participate in the last “Cars & Coffee Monaco” that gathers car aficionados and their cars behind the Place du Casino on December 13th.

It was the occasion to meet some of our members (about fifty members today) and exchange with everyone!

As Martin Bouilly, member and 1st year Bachelor student, « I always like to be part of associations in different kinds of fields; so when I saw that there was the launch of a car association in my own university I haven’t hesitated one second to integrate it. Having the chance to share my passion within an association seems to be a great opportunity. Moreover, it allows me to meet new people and start to create new relationships with other students but also with car owners as for example during the fabulous event of “Cars and Coffee”. »


Thanks to the team’s work, they were able to meet professionals and make them partners of the IUMMC.

Today, they have several partnerships, including AV Team Premium, which is evolving in the consulting to high-level professional sportsmen and women, Protech (specialist in car care and aesthetics for 30 years), and RS Simulation (specialist in race simulation (Formula 1) in Monaco).

Little by little, they create a local community of car passionates within the Principality of Monaco. On a longer plan, they wish to create a more global community around the automotive world.

In the Near Future

They have plans to allow their members to attend Monaco events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix or the Top Marques show.

Many projects are in progress, and they will not fail to make them succeed at their best.

“On a personal aspect, the DNA of the Motor Club and of the cars, called supercars for the most powerful, corresponds perfectly to my future professional desires, passionate about the luxury industry, but also about sports in general. I am already starting to think about which specialty to choose within the IUM” said Antoine.

Congrats Antoine and Fulvio! We are looking forward to the Spring term agenda!

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Updated 30 September 2021