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Start Date of the new cycle: 7 June 2024

At IUM, we strive to be the trusted learning partner for ambitious individuals and organizations worldwide.
Our IUM Finance Programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of finance professionals seeking to enhance their expertise and leadership capabilities in the financial industry. These programs are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills to navigate complex financial challenges and drive business success. Participants who will benefit from this program are finance managers, CFOs, financial analysts, and other professionals from diverse industries.

In response to the growing demand for specialized expertise in managing the wealth of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) and their globally diversified interests, the ‘International Management of Family Wealth’ Program (IMFW) has been meticulously developed to offer an in-depth perspective and practical tools. As affluent families expand their investments across international borders, the intricacies of wealth preservation and growth within diverse legal, tax, and cultural frameworks have become increasingly complex.

In association with STEP, the IMFW Program provides an immersive learning experience, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of effective family wealth management. By delving into critical areas such as jurisdictional considerations, asset management strategies, and financial affairs oversight, this program equips professionals with practical tools to navigate the multifaceted landscape of complex family wealth.

The program is composed of 4 Modules. Participants are free to choose one or more modules from the list below:

Module 1Vehicles Module International Trust and Estate Planning

Module 2Tax and Compliance Module – Principles of International Taxation, AML, and Compliance

Module 3Investment ModuleAsset Management for multi-generational, international family

Module 4Family ModuleInternational Succession, Matrimonial Law and Family Governance

If participants have completed the four Modules, a final exam allows them to get the IUM Certificate in Business Excellence, and grant eligibility to apply for full STEP membership, along with two years of professional experience as practitioner.

If participants only complete one, two or three modules, they will obtain the IUM Advanced Certificate of their specialty after the module exam.

The program is delivered through a dynamic blend of expert-led online courses (80%) and immersive face-to-face sessions in Monaco (20%).

Format for each Module:

  • 3 online sessions of 1,5 hours each, on Friday afternoons (3 times a month)
  • 2 online sessions of 1,5 hours each, on Saturday morning (3 times a month)
  • 1 full day face-to-face (final Friday) on Campus at IUM (case studies and wrap-up)

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Updated 16 May 2024