Why choose Monaco to study luxury management?

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Do you want to work in the luxury industry, putting your know-how to work for renowned brands? Luxury management is a pathway that allows you to integrate the various companies in this sector. Take the opportunity to study luxury management in Monaco.

Why study luxury management in Monaco?

Luxury management studies train managers in the fields of fashion, hotels, events and jewelry. This type of course is available at the International University of Monaco or IUM. Beyond the fact that luxury management offers many opportunities to students, studying in this country has many advantages.

It should be noted that the particularity of the Principality of Monaco lies in its diversity. Studying here means immersing yourself in a multicultural world, opening the doors to an international career. In addition to French, many other languages are spoken, which contributes to your education. English is one of the essential languages for a career in luxury management.

Moreover, Monaco is the symbol of luxury par excellence, thanks to its unique economic environment. By studying there, you can directly access the job offers available on site.

What are the professional opportunities for luxury management students in Monaco?

Although Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, it offers many employment opportunities to students wishing to work in the luxury industry. Between luxury hotels, ready-to-wear and haute couture brands and watchmakers, there is no shortage of companies. As for jobs, luxury management studies give you access to functions such as:

  • luxury boutique manager ;
  • brand manager or luxury brand manager ;
  • luxury sales representative ;
  • brand content manager ;
  • event manager ;
  • hotel manager.

After your studies in Monaco, you can also join the subsidiaries of international companies in these same positions.

Why choose the IUM to study luxury management in Monaco?

As its name suggests, IUM is an international university that welcomes students of all nationalities. Its multiculturality is one of its strong points, knowing that you have the opportunity to mix with people from all over the world. However, the school remains selective and has only 750 students in all fields of study.

In any case, studying luxury management at IUM means increasing your chances of quickly entering the professional world. Its reputation precedes the school, making it a reference in the field of luxury.

In addition, it has developed numerous partnerships with local and international companies. The objective is to allow its students to become professional through practice. The creation of a network with alumni also represents an opportunity for students in their professional integration.

Which course should I choose to study luxury management at IUM?

The IUM’s luxury management course is offered through a master’s program. It offers three specializations so that you can choose your preferred field.

Specialization fashion and accessories

This specialization allows you to work in the field of fashion and retail. It offers numerous employment opportunities within companies in Monaco and throughout the world. The training focuses on the marketing of major brand products. It also aims at mastering the different aspects of sales, in particular offering a quality service, having a sense of relationship and building customer loyalty. The opportunities are therefore positions such as:

  • retail manager ;
  • store manager ;
  • merchandiser ;
  • marketing manager ;

Specialization hospitality and event

Knowing that Monaco is a popular destination for the jet set, the hotel business is flourishing, as well as the event business. A specialization in these fields is an opportunity to acquire the basics to meet the expectations of this very select sector. In addition, training contributes to the development of your managerial skills. You should also know that the IUM is one of the only schools to introduce you to the world of yachting.

Specialization in luxury brand management

Brand management focuses on the development of a brand. This specialization allows you to have all the knowledge to achieve the objectives of the companies you work for. To do this, the school trains you in the basics of e-commerce, communication and entrepreneurship. Commercial sense and creativity are also essential in this field.

Updated 14 September 2023