Everything you need to know about the role of an Environmental Manager: duties, studies, and salary

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Given the current environmental context, many professions related to this field, such as the Environmental Manager became essential within companies. Discover this profession and its duties to better guide your choice of studies.

Due to its prestige, importance, and salary, the role of Environmental Manager interests many students. However, the required courses to enter this field vary due to the multidisciplinary nature of the environmental sector. Which one to choose? What does the role of Environmental Manager really entail?

In summary:

The role of Environmental Manager:

  • Is a managerial position that involves significant responsibilities
  • Involves handling all environmental issues and problems within the company
  • Requires interactions with various experts in different fields
  • Offers an attractive salary
  • Is accessible with a bachelor’s degree and an experience, but ideally with a master’s degree
  • Can be accessed through training in related fields or specialization
  • Can be taught in international business schools such as IUM

What does the role of Environmental Manager entail?

The role of Environmental Manager is among the high-responsibility managerial positions in the environmental sector. It involves addressing all environmental issues related to a company’s activities and collaborating with other employees and experts to provide responses and solutions to various environmental problems identified.

As an Environmental Manager, you also have the duty to anticipate potential future problems and control environmental risks. To do this, you must establish and ensure compliance with the company’s environmental policy. With support from other departments, you can also contribute to implementing procedures and rules related to the environment.

Why become an Environmental Manager?

Becoming an Environmental Manager is appealing for several reasons:

  • It is a dynamic position that offers opportunities for advancement
  • It allows you to interact and collaborate with professionals from other fields
  • It is an evolving profession that also provides opportunities for professional growth in other areas
  • It is a profession that allows you to work for ecology and the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants
  • The salary is generally attractive and can increase over time

What studies are needed to become an Environmental Manager?

The Environmental sector is vast and multidisciplinary. Several branches, such as ecology and sustainable development, can be closely related to it. Other broader fields, such as management, marketing, digital, or commerce, can also include it.

Thus, becoming an Environmental Manager may require a scientific, technical, or more general education. Of course, there are studies focused solely on the environment. However, you can also choose studies in business, marketing, or communication and select a specialization focused on the environment.

Ideally, to become an Environmental Manager, you need a master’s degree. However, you can exceptionally access this position with at least a bachelor’s degree, provided you have the required skills and professional experience.

What is the average salary of an Environmental Manager?

Your salary as an Environmental Manager can vary depending on many factors: your background, level of education, skills, seniority, and experience. At the beginning, you can earn around 2,500 euros gross per month.

However, the salary is also progressive: it can increase to around 3,700 euros per month, or more, with experience.

What program can you follow at IUM to become an Environmental Manager?

Do you have an excellent background in a more general field such as business, marketing, or communication and want to become an Environmental Manager? Join IUM and discover our Master program in Sustainable Development and Innovation Management.

This program allows you to deepen your management skills and specialize in the field of sustainable development and innovation.

To learn more about this program, visit our website and the FAQ section.

Updated 2 May 2024