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The MBA is a highly coveted degree, both by students and professionals, for all its benefits. It differs from other training and degrees in several ways that should be understood.

The duration of an MBA can vary from one student or professional to another, depending on various criteria such as the chosen pace for completing the program. The program itself may be offered in different institutions with their own terms. What is the duration of an MBA? In this article, we explain everything you need to know on the subject.

In summary:

  • You must have, at least, a bachelor’s degree
  • The MBA is reserved for students and/or professionals possessing certain technical skills or professional experiences
  • The MBA degree is an indicator of excellence and performance
  • The duration of an MBA can vary depending on the chosen pace for the program
  • An MBA is equivalent to a master’s degree
  • The MBA is highly career-oriented and provides access to management positions with high responsibilities
  • The MBA is generally offered in international business schools such as IUM

How long does an MBA last?

Generally, the MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is equivalent to a master’s degree. However, its duration may vary depending on the chosen pace and the terms for accessing the program. Indeed, to pursue an MBA, it is necessary to have at least a Bachelor’s degree.

However, some institutions may impose other conditions or offer an MBA later. Indeed, there are institutions that require, in addition to an undergraduate degree, a few years of professional experience.

In the context of a regular Master’s program, it usually takes two years after the Bachelor’s degree to obtain the master’s degree. Unlike most master’s degrees, the MBA is intended for professionals. That’s why different formats are offered.

Depending on the chosen format, whether full-time or part-time, the duration of the MBA can vary. At IUM, depending on this criterion, a part-time MBA can last between 10 months and 20 months.

What does an MBA program involve?

The MBA is a particularly prestigious type of master’s degree that provides access to more interesting careers and salaries. Indeed, the MBA degree is generally recognized internationally, allowing you to aim for an international career.

An MBA allows students and/or professionals, who already have certain business skills, to further their learning. Unlike other types of master’s degrees, the MBA provides a comprehensive view of the business world. Practical cases and real-life situations are generally more privileged than theoretical courses in the context of an MBA.

Because of its unique characteristics, both as a degree and as a program, the MBA represents a guarantee of excellence, performance, and experience. This is why MBA graduates generally benefit from significantly higher and much more esteemed salaries in the professional world.

Who is the MBA intended for?

The MBA is intended for a well-defined profile of students and/or professionals. Since this program generally aims to enhance your performance in the business world, it is preferable that you already have some knowledge of the field. Therefore, you should have already acquired certain technical skills required in the business field or be an employee working in this sector.

In the first scenario, the MBA offers you the opportunity to deepen your business knowledge through enriching practical experience. In the second case, as a professional, you aim to enhance your existing skills in order to progress to higher-responsibility positions.

The most suitable profiles for undertaking an MBA include those with backgrounds in management, business, or marketing. Additionally, the MBA is a program strongly focused on international aspects. Therefore, you must be willing to pursue it in a foreign language and ideally aim for an international career.

Does IUM offer an MBA?

Are you looking to obtain an MBA? Choose our international business school. IUM offers you the opportunity to complete an MBA in 10 months or 20 months, depending on the pace that suits you. Discover all the options we offer for an MBA on our website and check our FAQ if necessary.

Updated 3 May 2024