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Although it is linked to many other branches, finance is a specific field that requires very specific skills. Discover what studies to pursue to work in finance and start investing in your future.

Finance is a sector that attracts a particular profile of students due to the numerous skills and qualities it demands. However, it is possible to pursue a finance education after studying in other fields. Find out in this article about the studies needed to work in finance.

In summary:


  • Requires specific skills and qualities to ensure success in the sector
  • Can be studied through a short 2 to 3-year program or a longer 5-year program
  • Is generally taught in international business schools such as IUM

What studies and degrees enable you to work in finance?

Finance is a vast sector that recruits for various positions depending on your experience and level of education. You can access some finance jobs with two years of education.

However, it is preferable to have at least Bachelor’s degree have more choices in terms of accessible positions. Depending on your professional goals and ambitions, it is up to you to choose your ideal program from among the many others offered. Among other things, if you aspire to work internationally one day, opt for a Bachelor’s degree.

Generally, if you aim for a managerial or high-responsibility position, you need a Master’s degree. In some cases, your professional experience can compensate for additional years of study.

How many years do finance studies last?

Finance studies generally range from a Bachelor’s degree to a Master’s degree.

If you are convinced you want to work in finance quite early, you can ideally choose finance as your major. However, it is also possible to opt for other related fields such as commerce and management.

Is finance a difficult field of study?

Finance is far from being an easy field of study. However, the perception of its level of difficulty can vary from one student to another because it requires very specific skills. Among other things, numbers and mathematics are integral parts of finance studies, which appeals to some students and discourages others.

What is the profile of students in finance?

Some student profiles are more favorable for finance studies. In any case, it is essential to have an interest in this sector to be able to train and work in it. Thus, studies in this field generally involve:

  • Being able to work in a team and sometimes lead one
  • Being comfortable with numbers and calculations
  • Being precise and rigorous
  • Having a strong analytical capacity
  • Being curious, dynamic, and autonomous
  • Being reactive and creative
  • Having certain skills such as mastering finance software and methodologies

What careers can be considered after studying finance?

Studying finance can lead to a wide range of careers and allows you to build a career by evolving in this field. Thus, depending on your experience, level of education, and performance, you can access the following professions:

  • Financial analyst
  • Wealth manager
  • Project finance manager
  • Asset manager
  • Investment director
  • Chief Financial Officer

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Updated 3 May 2024