Digital Business Development Track

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Bachelor program
Required: High school diploma
September and January
3-year program
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The world of work is changing. Artificial intelligence and automation will make this shift as significant as the mechanization in prior generations of agriculture and manufacturing. While some jobs will be lost, and many others created, almost all will change.

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Digital transformation has become a strategic issue for companies because it shakes up competitive environments, value chains, business models, and professions within organizations.
Tech is now an integral part of business; companies are grappling with an urgent need for new skills. Therefore, IUM offers a new track and specialization in “Digital Business Development” within its bachelor’s program to prepare students to drive the much-needed change to evolve and adapt to the new digital economy.


This track aims to create technological knowledge within our student population to complement their managerial skills. Through a deep dive into the digital world and technical training, students will be able to communicate with specialists in a very technical way in their future career as part of the management of digital projects in innovative sectors; such as the accompaniment of the digital transformation of companies and the management of digital projects in emerging areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, NFT, Quantum Computing, to name only a few of the technologies grabbing headlines at the start of 2022.

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This track will concern the first two years of the bachelor’s program, and the specialization will affect the 3rd year. It will fit perfectly into the philosophy of the existing BBA program, enriching its contents without changing its structure.

Thanks to a progressive introduction of more technological content, students will successively learn algorithms, programming, data management, and analysis issues related to Big Data. They will be able to apply this during a period of professional immersion.

Finally, in the third year, these students will be able to continue in the same direction by choosing a Digital Business Development specialization which will complete the existing Bachelor specializations (Global Business, Communication and Event Management, Luxury Marketing, Sales and Services, Sports Business Management, International Finance, Monaco Banking, and Financial Services). This new third-year specialization will lead students to more strategic concepts related to the digital world, including ethics, cybersecurity, and societal impact.


This track is in partnership with the ECE (École d’Ingénieurs & High-Tech) in Paris. Students will spend the 2nd semester of their 3rd year there to participate in highly technical courses and join a special digital Bootcamp.

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Digital Business Analyst

reviews the company opportunities across websites and digital applications. The performance, the reports, and the digital business recommendations depend on this job profile.

The tasks are:

– Understanding company business problems

– Sharing ideas with other group members

– Defining solutions

– Identifying business opportunities

– Creating reports and documentation

Digital Sales Manager 

is a person who sells advertisements on the company website to reach the final sales goals

The tasks are:

– Managing digital advertisements

– Directing sales activities

– Developing specific marketing goals

– Creating a link between sales, vendors, and clients

Digital Brand Manager

is responsible for the digital consumer experience. The main tasks are:

– Driving the company’s growth

– Developing new strategies to transform a traditional brand into a digital brand

– Developing new ideas to reach the interest of different customers

– Sharing the brand information using the social media

– Responsibility for the digital brand image            

Digital Strategy Manager

is responsible for all resources, project budgets, and company issues. The main tasks are:

– Improving the digital strategy of a company

– Analyzing the data of users and customers

– Analyzing the company data in terms of budgets

– Optimizing the business aspects of the company

– Creating a link between clients, the sales team, and managers

E-commerce Project Manager 

The tasks are:

– Deciding the web marketing channels

– Managing and coordinating the sales operations

– Increasing the website activities of a company

– Updating the content on the website and social media

– Deciding the digital changes to optimize the customer experience

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  • For many years now, digitization has affected all aspects of Luxury Management; Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFT are daily topics in our Finance courses; the spread of the Esports industry seems unstoppable. At IUM, digital disruption is a field of study in many of its forms; we want to give our students the tools to analyze the new trends and stay on top of these developments.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship have long been at the very heart of IUM’s growth and development. At IUM, students acquire an entrepreneurial mindset and the creative leadership skills to excel in the very digitalized startup environment.
  • Students will have the opportunity to take advantage of the IUM partnership with MonacoTech, the Start-up incubator, and accelerator of the Principality.
  • Monaco government has launched a Blue Fund to support companies in elevating their digital presence. The fund aims to help Monegasque companies kickstart a digital transformation or reinforce their digital presence.
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Updated 20 April 2023