BBA in Luxury Marketing, Sales and Services (3rd year specialization)

Symposium on LuxuryLuxury has become a global and highly competitive business. Evolving between a long tradition and constant innovation, luxury brands are looking for highly talented, innovative, and global professionals that can create added value.

Our Bachelor in Luxury Marketing, Sales and Services prepares students to work in this challenging industry: fashion, accessories, watches and jewelry.

The Specialization in Luxury Marketing, Sales and Services is a unique program designed to meet the specific needs of major luxury players particularly in the retail area: students will acquire skills to work as sales assistant, retail coordinator but also buyers, merchandising assistant, logistics coordinator, to name a few.

Bachelor in Luxury Marketing, Sales and Services students can pursue their study in our MSc in Luxury Management

Course descriptions

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

LXRY3022 – Luxury History, Culture and Trends

This course is aimed at providing international BBA students with deeper knowledge and strong commitment in luxury history, culture and sociology from the early days of humanity to the rise of the luxury houses of the 21st century.
An important insight will also be provided regarding the foundations of the luxury industry, comprised between heritage and innovation, the forthcoming trends and new technologies that will progressively impact and interact with this industry.

MKTG3003 – International Sales and Negotiations

This course is designed for the students who have interest in professional selling, sales management and the negotiation process, namely at the international level in a B2B environment.
The international aspect of selling and negotiating will be addressed as well as the cultural component of the communication process.
One of the fundamental messages is that professional selling can be a respectable as well as rewarding career alternative.
This course also stresses that negotiation skills are necessary for all business functions to effectively convey your ideas and win approval for them. As selling is a high relational process, the course will have to be highly interactive with an important focus on oral presentations and discussions.

MKTG4903 – Market Research

This course presents each step of the marketing research process. It covers quantitative as well as qualitative research techniques and analysis methods (basic statistics, content analysis, etc.). The concepts and methodologies covered are illustrated by students’ group projects. Students will need to master market research in their future career either to carry it out themselves or as future users of research.

LX3021 – Luxury Brand Experience

The Luxury Attitude Academy training program is the 1st online certification which validates the acquisition of knowledge required to play a leading role in client experience in the luxury sector.
At the end of this training course, you will have a better understanding of the world of luxury, as well as of your role in client experience.
During this course, you will have to answer different questions and realize practical exercises: these productions will be gathered in your e-portfolio directly on the website.
The Luxury Attitude Certificate is recognized by the French Government and registered at the RCNP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles).

ELMK2002 – Digital Media in Luxury

This course is aimed at providing International BBA students a clear understanding of the digital media in luxury, the e-business/digital marketing and the direct impact of the internet in the luxury industry as well as the key luxury brands development strategies on an international scale.
New consumer typologies, hyper-connected profiles and behaviors will also be analyzed carefully.
At each step of this course, guidelines and theoretical knowledge will be illustrated by relevant and clear visual examples, videos and case studies with a focus on new technologies applied to digital, retail and Omni channel.
A thorough study of E-commerce sales channels, M-commerce, T-commerce and deep analysis of new digital marketing levers as vectors of traffic on the main luxury brands sites will also be provided.
A prospective analysis on new technologies applied to tomorrow’s luxury innovations brings additional light on the major trends of the future.

MKTG4904 – Brand Management

This class highlights the importance of branding for consumers and firms. It provides insights into how to create profitable brand strategies by building, measuring and managing brand equity. Multiple industries will be analyzed (consumer, service, luxury) in order to provide a large spectrum of applications for the brand management tools in a way to stimulate the problem solving and the critical thinking skills of the student. The course is designed to be as interactive as possible. In other words, the various theories and tools related to the broad area of brand management will be illustrated through the use of articles or case studies and actual companies which students will be assigned to study and present on. Students will be responsible individually, and/or in groups depending on the assignment, for the thorough preparation of the assigned cases and readings. Cross cultural team work is highly encouraged during the in-class assignments as it is the mastering of preparing professional documents and delivering highly professional individual and group presentations.

The course is divided into six parts. Part I introduces branding concepts. Parts II, III, IV and V present the concepts in details. Part VI summarizes and applies the concepts in different contexts. All along the course the concepts will be illustrated with traditional brands and luxury brands stressing the specificities of luxury brand management.

MKTG3025 – Luxury CRM and Clienteling

The course will walk the students through different challenges that a brand is facing, especially the growing online luxury transition and the reason why it’s crucial to develop a CRM strategy to differentiate from competition, and thus transforming the customer himself and evolving each transaction and interaction in a close relationship.

The course will provide an overview of the different elements of a winning CRM strategy, how best a brand should be using it and analyze in depth the clientele strategy as the future of luxury CRM.

Based on this knowledge, students will understand the key success factors, barriers and best in class approaches to successfully develop and set up clear Customer Relationship Management in Luxury Companies through various practical case studies.

Cross Cultural Management Communication

This course deals with the cross-cultural aspects of management in the workplace. It concentrates on the cultural variables that affect individual and collective behavior. The course will provide students with methods and tools of traditional management practice, as well as management skills necessary in new economic conditions from a cross-cultural point of view. This course helps students understand and improve their own management capabilities, and learn how to manage cross-cultural problems inside an organization in a professional way.

Luxury Distribution

This course focuses on the two critical elements impacting the quality and nature of the luxury purchasing experience: distribution and retailing. The course analyses the distribution strategies a company could develop to compete in international and especially emerging markets.

Students will learn the parameters of establishing a distribution strategy in luxury goods, the possible formats the point of sale may take in luxury goods markets, and how to adapt the luxury retail outlet to conform to customers’ expectations. They will learn to appreciate the physical as well as virtual elements of the luxury shopping experience in communicating the brand message. They will also understand the particular distribution problems confronting the luxury industry, from product idea to store delivery. The course will also examine the growth of the Internet as a distribution channel, and implications on existing organizational systems in incorporating new channels of distribution.

Public Relation and Lobbying

The course prepares students for effective and ethical public communication on behalf of contemporary profit and non-profit organizations. Students will acquire knowledge of a variety of theories of effective public relations, and gain skills in the practical arts of market/audience research and analysis, campaign development, image and text design, media relations, crisis management and communication ethics. Students will learn to develop market surveys, write news releases, produce public service announcements and conduct news conferences.

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More info about this program

INSEEC U. undertakes that the collection and processing of your data made from this website, comply with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GRDP) and the Data Protection Act.
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INSEEC U. undertakes that the collection and processing of your data made from this website, comply with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GRDP) and the Data Protection Act.
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