Last week, the MSc in Luxury Management students had the unique opportunity to explore the best of the best in the (super) yachting industry worldwide.

It’s that time of the year once again… There’s a certain frenzy lingering in the streets of Monaco as large groups of tourists start appearing around the casino square, and the Larvotto area. Down below, Port Hercule is taken over by white-topped tents and the famous blue carpet lines the marina. Out into the horizon we can start seeing the contours of superyachts arriving… it seems as though a whole fleet is coming to take over Monaco. And it is, it has arrived: the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show!

During the four days between the 27th and 30th of September, Monaco becomes a networking hub with events, cocktails and launches taking place all over the principality, day and night. What a time to be in Monaco!

Yachting Specialization within the MSc in Luxury Management program

In 2016, the International University of Monaco (IUM) has launched a pioneer specialized course in Yachting Management within the MSc in Luxury Management Program. Thus, this year again, students that are interested in the Yachting Industry had the opportunity both to be involved in the show as well as hop aboard and visit some of the superyachts exhibited.

As a former student of the first edition of the ‘Yachting Specialization’ course, I can absolutely attest the usefulness of this opportunity to take part in the show when considering a future in the yachting industry. It’s a fabulous introduction providing a chance to interact, ask questions and discuss with industry professionals.

Yachting Industry - Monaco Yacht Show

During this edition, we had the privilege of visiting two Rossinavi 2017 yachts: Aurora and Endeavour, with a guided tour of the latter by the yacht’s interior designer, Architetto Salvagni. Discovering the yacht through the eyes of the designer provided us with a new perspective: looking at the yacht from an emotional point of view and seeing the motivations behind the aesthetics. The choice of materials, colors, arrangements – everything from a more personal point of view, beyond the technical usefulness. Unfortunately, for confidentiality purposes, we were not allowed to take any photos.

Later in the afternoon, we had the opportunity of visiting sailing yacht Zalmon and motor yachts Genesia and Como with a guided tour by the brokerage company in charge of them: Ocean Independence. We were surprised a few times during these visits: Zalmon’s spacious interior for a sailing yacht; Genesia’s comfortable, simple yet spacious and elegant interior – contrasting its rougher exterior; and Como’s impeccable interiors, even though it is 5 years old, looking brand new with a twist to its room arrangements, going against the ‘traditional’ ro om compartmentalization of a yacht.

What a fantastic start to the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show!

Written by Ioana Rucareanu, MSc in Luxury Management 2018


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