The International University of Monaco proposes a Master of Science in Finance that combines core graduate courses in finance with specializations in two areas: Hedge Funds & Private Equity or Private Banking & Wealth Management.

The curriculum combines applied knowledge with a broad business education. Our courses focus on the real-world environment, and provide graduates with practical skills highly sought after by employers. At the same time, students acquire fundamental training in management practices and obtain a global critical vision of the financial industry.

We teach our students how to handle the high-level responsibilities and challenges of the financial world. This intensive training in business and finance prepares students for a successful career in the fast-paced, dynamic financial sector and gives them a competitive edge on the job market.

The IUM Master of Science in Finance lasts 16 months with classes from September through June followed by an extended internship.


MSc in Finance“Choosing a Masters Program is primarily choosing a profession and make a career choice. Enrolling in a program such as the Master of Science in International Private Banking & Wealth Management, represented the opportunity for me to gain and develop my basic knowledge in this field, but also the opportunity to exchange with students sharing the same interest. From varied backgrounds and different cultures, exchanges with students of this program were rewarding both academically and in human terms.

The many interactions with IUM’s network in the financial world as well as the expertise and experience of professors and lecturers helped me develop personally and professionally.
My experience at the IUM, brought me all the skills required to start a career in Private Banking in the best conditions.”

Gary, French, current student in the MSc in Finance

Specialization Private Banking and International Wealth Management


“My experience in IUM was to say the least, remarkable. Enrolled under the MFIN Hedge Funds path I was able toMSc in Finance develop and enhance my academic knowledge in financial markets and actively manage trading portfolios that included equities, fixed-income, and derivative instruments. The courses were challenging and the learning curve steep and rigorous. Furthermore, I was impressed by the scale and pace of the courses and very pleased with my academic development.

More importantly, I was given the opportunity to meet extraordinary people, brilliant teachers, and experience first hand one of the most fascinating and unique cities in the world. Here I made lifelong friendships and had the chance to meet exceptional business contacts. It is for that reason that I can state with confidence that this experience is truly once in a lifetime.”

Konstantinos, Greek/Norwegian, current student in the MSc in Finance

Specialization Hedge Funds and Private Equity


MSc in Finance“My year spent studying Finance at the International University of Monaco was a great experience. One aspect I particularly enjoyed about the program was the small class sizes. In some cases– for our more quantitative classes — we were only six students! This format helped teachers to connect and understand students’ individual needs. We could practically say that each student was receiving a “customized” class tailored to his/her strengths and weaknesses. We could move quickly over some subject that we all understood and slow down over more intricate ones.

This setup also creates many opportunities from which we benefit. I was constantly looking to further my interest in financial markets and as a result of inquiring around I was able to help co-author a page on the effects of corporate social responsibility on stock returns.

But if I had to pick the best part of IUM, hands down it is the people you meet.

One would be hard-pressed to assemble a more eclectic group with such diverse backgrounds. I am amazed every time I stop and think of all the different nationalities that are in the class with me; Russian, Indian, Ukrainian, Canadian, French, American, Serbian … and now we are all like one big family. I think that is the greatness strength of IUM.”

Adam, Canadian/Swiss, current student in the MSc in Finance

Specialization Financial Engineering and Quantitative Trading


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