Dr. Ingo Bobel, Professor of Economics and Strategy at IUM, participated in celebrating the Harvard Business School MoC program’s 10th anniversary workshop (December 10-12, 2012) (see picture attached). Since 2007 Professor Bobel teaches the course “Microeconomics of Competitiveness: Firms, Clusters, and Economic Development (MOC)” in his capacity as MoC-Teaching Affiliate of HBS. The course has been created in a multiyear development effort by Professor Michael E. Porter and the staff and affiliates of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School. As a sign of gratitude, Professor Porter has been honored with a special edition of the JOURNAL OF COMPETITIVENESS AND STRATEGY which contains six intellectual contributions coming from each corner of the affiliates network. Professor Bobel contributed to this special edition with a (double-blind reviewed) paper on “Creating Shared Value on a Global Scale: Possibilities for the United Nations’ Engagement” (written together with M. Rixen and C. Chailan). During the workshop, Professor Bobel had the opportunity to discuss and initiate competitiveness-related research projects to be conducted in 2013.