On November 9th & 10th, the International University of Monaco hosted its International Business Days 2016.

Shaping your international career path” was the global topic of this International Business Days 2016, during when students and alumni got a better and precise understanding of skills in demand and recruitment processes in the most competitive industries and companies.  

These 2 day event gathered around 60 companies (UBS, Piaget, Nielsen, Frost & Sullivan, BDDO, CONNECT DG, Banque Edmond de Rothschild, PUMA, SEVENDOTS, to name a few) and 300 students and alumni on the Monaco campus. 160 “speed biz dating” (recruitment) sessions were also organized. 


International Business Days 2016The International Business Days 2016 covered main four themes: 


Presentations that highlight the current and emerging challenges in developing talents in a highly fast moving and technology driven environment. 

Digital disruptions have thoroughly changed the searches for talents in all the industries. From the L’Oreal strategic and global perspective, to Frost and Sullivan expertise and to ConnectDG Digital recruitment experience, this theme raises crucial questions about educational and business abilities to adjust their talent development programs to a fully connected world.

François de Wazieres opened the International Business Day sessions with an enthusiastic and informative session titled “Investing in talents with a global perspective. How to operate the “digital shift” within global organizations”.

Mr. de Wazieres shared his wealth of knowledge and experiences from his over 18 years as the former head of Human Resources at L’OREAL. He highlighted the importance of the “digital shift” happening in the world, and the contributions that our generation, known as Generation Y, can make to the “digital wave” in the workforce. 

Mr. de Wazieres’ thoughtful presentation outlined eight key strategies to follow to build a successful career.  Using informative examples from his own career, Mr. Wazieres began by emphasizing the importance of taking risks and not being afraid of failure. As he pointed out “everybody fails at some point. It is about how you react to the failure” and encouraged students to always strive to try new things, and ask the critical questions about why we do as we do. Mr. de Wazieres explained how Generation Y and the digital wave will continue to challenge the status quo and optimize the potential of global companies in the future.

He highlighted the value of studying and working abroad and pursing global experiences, if you seek a long-term international career. He explained how it is often better to take a lower position in an international company than a higher position in a company in your home town in order to maximize your depth of experience and growth in an international business world. Furthermore the experience of being in another culture, he explains, will not only provide value to your CV but also develop your character.

He ended his session by providing us with some tips and tricks for the future. Ultimately, Mr. de Wazieres session left us motivated to pursue our true interests, to remain critical consumers and users of digital content, and inspired to forge an international career path.

by Gitte Kallesøe, MSc in International Management and Lauren Chisholm, MSc in Sport Business management



The global theme brings together human resources managers and top executives of international companies to discuss human challenges of companies, talent acquisition strategies and specific job markets trends in the main fields: banking and finance, luxury goods and services, marketing, communication and media, business consulting and sport businesses. 


During the session “International Careers in the Luxury industry”, Vincent Molina-Le Bihan, worldwide search consultant with Christian Bassett, presented his experience and insights on fast growth markets, in Europe, in the Middle East and Asia. 

According to Mr. Molina-Le Bihan, VIP and CRM roles are hot jobs nowadays in the luxury industry. But retail is where everything is happening …across the globe! It offers a wide range of job opportunities! And to work in the luxury retail area, people should speak well a couple of languages, and have the attitude and cultural awareness. 

Mr. Molina-Le Bihan also emphasized the fact that today, the hot spots to find a job in the Luxury fashion industry are still London, Milan, Paris & New York where headquarters of companies are based. But markets in crisis are definitely Hong Kong and the Middle East while Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are new markets! So if you speak one of these languages, you are already ahead of your competitors!  



For the “Jobs and careers in event management” session, three top event agencies located in Monaco were invited: CMX, Grimaldi Forum and Amber lounge.
Louise, Helene and Julia, the three top head project managers from their respective companies, explained us «how the job as event manager looks in reality ».
They briefly introduced their agencies and the process of creating different kinds of events for diverse clients (corporate, private,…) from the beginning till the end.
They highlighted skills people must have – being open-minded, speaking several languages – and the difficulties you can face in this area. Indeed, those three top head project managers confirmed that to work in the event field, you definitely need to manage your time and stress.
After letting student ask their questions and after some interesting exchanges, Amber Lounge presented their short promotional movie to share this passion of event management with the students.

By Nadine Kilchenmann, MSc in Marketing


For the “From market research to digital innovation position” session, four companies, characterized by a constant search for innovation and market development, were present: Nielsen, BBDO, Yonderbound and Jeunesse.

Nielsen, a leading company in the market research, highlighted the growing importance in the analysis and interpretation of market data in order to properly identify the target customers, capturing their needs and necessities. Finally, an analysis on the four key company values was done: Open, Connected, Useful, Personal.

BBDO, one of the largest Irish advertising agency, explained the importance of being creative to be able to shape the own business. The importance of distill correctly the information was highlighted and to address business problem in a creative manner too. “Push forward thinking” and “Be an agent of change” are two concepts of the corporate philosophy.

Yonderbound is a startup that wants to break down the barriers to travel, creating a platform where users can find the essentials they need to plan and book their trip without being redirected to another site. “Bring private an Experience” is their vision and mission.

Finally Jeunesse, a leading company in the cosmetic products with the mission to change people’s lives, explained the distinctive features of its products and the business model based on “Network Marketing”, which allow people to unleash their potential and the company to grow rapidly.

By Davide Venturato, MSc in Sport Business Management



To present jobs in private banking, IUM invited some private banks (UBS, CFM, CMB and Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild) to give students an overview of the Monaco Private Banking area. 

After a brief presentation of the company, Banque Edmond de Rothschild explained that very good long-term relationship with clients is key for Banque Rothschild. So they are recruiting talent, not only with excellent skills, but also with an understanding of this philosophy. Mr. Steve also gave a couple of tips and hints to be better prepared to enter in this environment and what does it required to be successful in the management of UNWI. 



The financial transfers, revenues, TV rights have reached such amounts of money that sometimes dominate the discussions on this popular sport. In all the sports “The match before the match” is undoubtedly economic. 

Franco de Togni, Senior Product Manager, presented the branding and sponsoring approach of PUMA while Cedric Lenest, Executive Director of Sport Business Talent, introduced to students the marketing functions of the main players: product manager for brands, marketing and sales for sport teams, media sales and broadcast. 



An immersion into the Monaco economy and the specificities of its job market. This theme reviews the legal constraints, visa and work permits for job seekers as well as the processes to set up a business in the Principality. This year, the theme highlights the Shipping industry in Monaco, one of the largest sectors, although unknown, whose international exposure fits particularly with the profile of IUM students and Alumni. 

If you are looking for a career in an international environment where the whole world will become your workplace then shipping might be interesting.
In this session we got insight in the shipping industry, while we were given the opportunity to meet some of the major companies presented in Monaco: V. Group, Silversea Cruises, Scorpio, Marfin Management, Moore Stephens and Monaco Chamber of Shipping.
The shipping industry is huge and complex involving a wide range of job opportunities.
Approximately 90% of the world’s trade is transported by ship, and there are over 50,000 ships in the world to do so. The global trade needs shipping and the industry is constantly looking for new talents.
The shipping industry is well represented in Monaco. Monaco is preferred and a strategic attractive location for many companies, due to the stability and the geographical location. From Monaco, it is easy to work with different parts of the world.
by Josephine Wewer, Msc in International Management



These workshops are specifically designed to support the internship/job search efforts of students and alumni. 

Among the workshops proposed, Akémi Descraques, MSc in Marketing students, attended the “Self selling techniques” one done by Ken Pope, KPZ Consulting.

“Ken Pope, a career and life counselor as well as lecturer, explained us with humor and clarity the importance of the question “What do I want my life to be like”. By setting our own personal goals and repeat them everyday on both short and long term, we will reach them easily. Humans are social animals who need strong relationships to be happy in life. To achieve this, we need to build a “trust-network” and know how to promote ourselves.

Through exchanges and several examples, Mr. POPE explained us how an effective marketing campaign of ourselves should be done through several steps: know our goal, have a strategy to promote ourselves, define our brand through name and key qualities, understand our audience and finally know what to offer to the target. To end this rich session, Mr POPE invited us to practice what we just learnt through interactive exercises.”


One of the career workshops worth attending during the Business Days was “MyInternshipAbroad” done by Martyna Magnowska, who is the Senior Business Relations and Recruitment manager of the company. The aim of her team is to provide services that can be life changing by finding the right internship or job for students.

The workshop gave us many tips on how to choose the right internship program for us depending on what we are looking for. Ms. Magnowska explained how to avoid some common mistakes when it comes to the application preparation for an internship or a job position and gave very useful guidelines on how to create and send the right CV and cover letter to a company. However, the appropriate (and sometimes even creative) way, to send your application in order to differentiate from the others is also crucial. Another advice from her was to always readjust our CV and cover letter to a specific job/internship offer of a specific company. The right preparation for a job or internship interview was also covered by Ms. Magnowska, telling us to keep in mind one thing – the interview is a conversation and should not be focused only on ourselves and how we will benefit from the job/internship position. It’s important that candidates explain how they can contribute to the company too. At the end of the session, she emphasized on the different services MyInternshipAbroad offers. It is good to know that there are professionals who want to be dedicated to you, guiding you through every step of the journey of finding the right internship or job. 

By Nevelina Serkmedzhieva, MSc in Luxury Management


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