A Digital Marketing specialist shares his experience with our MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services students.

James A. Matthewson is the Founder & CEO of EVRYWHERE Group which specialises in Luxury and helps clients understand how to embrace Social Media, eCommerce, Omni-Channel retail and much more as part of their Business Strategy.

He is also adjunct professor in the MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services program.

In your opinion, what is the most important added value of having a professional teaching students?

[JAM] – You can’t beat real-world, hands-on, practitioner-led education.  In my 25 years as a Digital Marketer, of which 12 has been spent specialising in Luxury Digital, I have had to roll my sleeves up and get my hands dirty in all aspects of Digital Marketing.  I have worked for some of the world’s biggest luxury brands in many markets around the world.  You simply can’t beat this experience when passing knowledge on to the next generations.

In your opinion why is it still important to have a master degree today?

[JAM] – Albeit the traditional path to a career, such as University, is being challenged today by aspects such as the Gig Economy, employers still place tremendous value on qualifications gained through formal education.  For those seeking a role in a Global Corporate brand, a Masters is a must!

What are you teaching

[JAM] – I am honoured to be an Adjunct Professor on the Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services Master program with IUM, teaching Digital Marketing & Social Media and Integrated Communication & Media Planning. I am also supervising the students who are working on the Corporate Project with the company SHIRO.

and why is it very important for the MSc in Marketing of luxury Goods and Services students?

[JAM] – For anyone looking for a career in Luxury, this program is absolutely key to achieving that critical first role in a major luxury brand.  We give them exposure to all aspects of Luxury brand management which enables them to have a well-rounded view of the topic and understanding of the dynamics of the luxury industry.

Why would you hire an IUM student?

[JAM] – With IUM, you know you will be hiring a first-class individual, not just academically, but someone who is well-rounded, confident, articulate and professional.

What is the most important advice you can give to our students?

[JAM] – Be open to everything.  Listen to everyone.  Consume as much knowledge as you can from those willing to impart it.  Don’t close your mind to anything.  Take your time.

Digital Marketing Specialist - IUM adjunct professor - James A Matthewson

For the most part of his life, James have worked as a digital communication consultant specializing in digital strategy & planning. In 1995, he established ‘Netfinity’, a digital marketing & production agency that built websites for brands such as Royal Albert Hall, Filofax and BACS. 

He then launched his own digital consultancy ‘James Digital’ in 2003.
During 2002, he wrote and published his first book called ‘EBusiness: a Jargon-free, Practical Guide’ which became the Recommended Reading text for the IDM’s Certificate in Digital Marketing in 2003. 
During 2003, he also established Twin London, the European exclusive license-holder of behavioural targeting technology from Poindexter Systems Inc. of New York (now re-branded to [x+1]). 

Today, he owns EVRYWHERE Group Limited which specialises in Luxury and helps clients understand how to embrace Social Media, eCommerce, Omni-Channel retail and much more as part of their Business Strategy. 


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