Lisa, current BECOM studentThe International University of Monaco is where I study. It is the place I chose to expand my education. Last September, Franceand Monaco became my home for at least 4 years. A new place, different cultures and above all lots of opportunities, exactly what I searched for. I found all that at the IUM.

Seeking a combination of creativity and knowledge about Business Management, as well as Finance I attend the Bachelor of Communication and Entertainment Management program. Now, 8 months later, the first year of college is already over. Like my friends I did not expect time to pass so quickly. I got to know new people, followed diverse courses, studied and partied hard. School is done, it is time for summer vacation.

This year, in June 2013, the IUM launched a Summer Session in Monaco for the first time. During the preparation phase, my communication teacher Mrs. Jauffret offered me a chance to assist the IUM team. With curiosity  – I accepted. A professional challenge laid in front of me. I quickly saw an opportunity to contribute by welcoming external professionals, explaining program to them and being a contact person for basically everyone during the whole time. In that function I was glad to hear that the students appreciated these classes. Listening to their experiences and trying to see the world through their perspective was very interesting. Other tasks were documenting company visits and trips, taking care of the calendar and data collections. Creating questionnaires, taking pictures for Céline, the webmaster, and accompanying the group on various trips, were the most pleasant parts of my work. Major responsibility was given to me when I guided the visit through Eze-Village and accompanied Mrs. Gatto on a trip to San Remo and Dolce Acqua, in Italy. It feels great when professional teachers and administrators show you trust to such a high extend. It seemed natural that all members of the team treated each other with respect, fairness and openness. I was a student who assisted other students of the same age which appeared strange to me at first. Any concerns were washed away as soon as I saw the group of students, containing ten different nationalities such as South Africa, Russia, Canada, Austria, Germany, etc. I liked travelling and being surrounded by new people, which made me feel comfortable immediately, even if I was already familiar with the majority of students. Coming from all over the world, we were all speaking English but not talking in the same way. One of the personal lessons I had during the Monaco Summer Session was how to ‘properly’ talk to people who could not differ more from each other. Finally, I had the chance to give advice to students and motivate them to become part of the IUM family.

In the end, I think the first two weeks of the Monaco Summer Session were a successful start, approaching the real world of business, the culture and mentality of the people on the French Riviera.

In these two intensive weeks I had the chance to improve my organizational and interpersonal skills, to have a glance behind the administration of an international university and to expand my network by meeting successful business people, professional marketing managers, event management consultants and art specialists. For this great opportunity I want to thank the IUM and especially Mrs. Jauffret, who supported and encouraged me at every step.

Reported by Lisa-Maria, current Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management student