The Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management Program is a way of exploring the world of communication while also learning the basics of management.

Many students of this program are interested in the arts and the media. They are creative or very curious about how the world of communication work as Aurélie and Marine, two French IUM Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management students, who are graduating from IUM this June 2015.

Why did you choose to study at IUM? 

Bachelor in communication and entertainment managementMarine: I chose to study at IUM because of the Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management program (BECOM). As I have a natural inclination for humanities this section seemed to be the perfect one for me.

Aurelie: I had already heard good comments about IUM by some students of this University. But the fact that all courses are in English was definitely a major point. I find that in today’s increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate in a globalBachelor in communication and entertainment management context is vitally important.

 What is the best thing about your program of study? 

Marine: I would say that the best thing has to be the variety of the classes, and the creative side of them. The curriculum has a good balance between classes in communication and business such as, public speaking, consumer behavior and communication for business which I found really appealing.
: The Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management Program gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge in Marketing, Communication, Business and Management. Our creativity and our pro activity are also solicited in presenting projects which suit me a lot because it’s really enriching.

What have you done before coming to IUM? What were the challenges you faced in regards to integrating into the American education system? How did you feel about it? And now?

Marine and Aurelie: We transferred to IUM from a 2-year French degree in management. So we faced several challenges to integrate in this educational system. Firstly, it was the first time we were studying in English which is not our mother tongue. Secondly, group working was totally new for us, so we had to deal with new working methods. Our biggest fear was our shyness about the presentations we had to do as there were lots of them.

But we did it! We feel proud to have overcome the difficulties and to have had a good year at IUM.

What would you say to potential students who are thinking of joining IUM?

Marine: I would say that IUM is a fantastic experience for students. The wonderful backdrop of Monaco provides an opportunity for IUM to draw some of the most amazing professors from all corners of the globe and all corners of the business world. When they are coming to teach you, they are using real life examples, in today’s business area.

Aurelie: IUM has a good learning environment. Thanks to the small size class, the interaction between students and professors is easy, it’s like if we have an individual attention and it’s not the same case in others universities, that’s why I think that IUM stands out from the others universities.

What are your plans after graduating?

Marine: After graduation I would like to work in the communication industry, using foreign languages.

Aurelie: I would like to apply for the Master in Luxury Hospitality & Event Management at IUM.

What is the best thing about being an IUM student?

Marine: The best thing of being an IUM student is the opportunity you have to meet people coming from all around the world, open your mind to different cultures, religions and habits. I believe in the importance of multiculturalism to know how to communicate with each individual throughout the world.

Aurelie: IUM gave me the chance to develop strong working relationships with world-class interdisciplinary faculty and students. They provided the support I needed to follow my interests and my projects. I have developed a network of friends and colleagues who are and will be a good source of inspiration and mentorship.


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