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Here is the story of Nizar SADER, from Jerusalem, 21 years old current student in the Bachelor program, marketing and communication track. He’s passionate about cars from a very young age. Growing up in a multicultural community, he felt right at home in Monaco where people with strong entrepreneurial mindsets come from all over the world. 

Cars are a fantastic way to create a community, make friends and connections. No matter where you come from or what you do in life, it all comes down to your passion for cars.
By joining IUM, I was able to take a hobby to the next level.

Nizar Sader

Bachelor student, in the marketing and communication track

* It all started when I was a kid

My passion for automobiles started ever since I was eligible to play with HotWheels. Something about cars made me happy, made me feel like I can connect with cars, and a whole world was unveiled to me when I really got into it.

That passion was expressed in different forms with my evolution: when I was a kid, I played with toys, in my teenage years, I started sticking GoPros on my remote-controlled cars and film videos for YouTube, and when I got my driver’s license, I went on road trips with friends to enjoy our cars.

This is why I founded MonacoPetrol (@monacopetrol), a platform where I can share some content about cars and the luxury lifestyle of Monaco using my skills in photography, videography, and editing.

@Credit Nizar Sader

@Credits MonacoPetrol, Nizar Sader

Moving to Monaco

After high school, I moved to Monaco. It was the beginning of a new life, with new challenges in a totally different environment. I needed to make new connections. The only thing I could think of was cars. I then create a community of car enthusiasts in Monaco through social media (@monacopetrol). It would allow all of us to widen our network of people that share the same passion.

From leisure to professionalism

By joining IUM, I was able to take my hobby to the next level. By using the content of the classes of Dr. Jauffret and her advice on communication, marketing, and advertising, I was able to gain more than seventy thousand followers in just six months!

IUM helped me develop connections and gave me the tools I needed to compete with accounts that have been around for 10 years. It also put me on the radar of many brands such as Ferrari, the Art of Luxury and so many more…

Always being surrounded by supercars give you the motivation to push yourself and achieve what can only be achieved in such an environment. Monaco is an excellent place to connect with supercar owners and like-headed people. It puts you in the right mindset and the University of Monaco gives you the right work ethics to reach your potential.

@Credits MonacoPetrol Instagram

Written by Nizar Sader, current Bachelor student in the Marketing & Communication Track

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Updated 8 November 2021