What is the role of digitalization in commercial management?

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Digital intervention offers a multitude of opportunities. However, its impact on businesses is striking. In business management, business performance and agility come at a cost. Not only do you have to master the Internet and all the devices that follow it, but you also have to know how to manage your business on this basis.

What is the role of digitalization in commercial management?

Digitalization has changed the level of customer relations. The commercial management is consequently more difficult because of the number of channels to analyze and use at the same time. Thanks to this same digitalization, however, the commercial management system has a valuable aid. Several software programs are now available to center all channels.

Digitalization also facilitates exchanges with targets. Despite the difficulties in sorting out the targets in the mass, the Internet gives the right means to personalize the exchanges. As a result, the number of potential customers increases without affecting the quality of the relationships with the acquired customers. The answers always arrive in time.

Apart from the aspects accessible to the general public, the security aspect also falls under the branches of business management. With digitalization, the management of a customer database will be more sound. Being able to be updated frequently or even automatically, this management method is less time-consuming than the techniques used before the digital era. ‍

Digitalization allows for improved efficiency and productivity

Digitization has been implemented to make companies more efficient. By digitizing several branches of the company, expenses are reduced and the transmission of information is more fluid. Instead of investing in devices such as printers and photocopiers, a simple email is all that is needed.

This saves time. There are multiple networks on which employees can communicate. Information is received instantly and processing begins immediately. This means that employees need little time to become more competitive.

In terms of productivity, the time spent on transmitting information previously allows each sector to perfect or create new projects. Also, one person is able to handle multiple tasks at the same time, as most can be automated.

Customer relationship management is simplified by digitalization

Customer relationship management (CRM) and digitalization go hand in hand. Customers and prospects are now focused on the benefits of the internet. It was therefore necessary to adapt the traditional techniques to the new needs of the latter. With digitalization, the use of multiple channels and its challenges are solved.

Software is used to analyze customer behavior. Based on the information collected, you will be able to easily understand the preferences of your customers. You just have to find their weak points to make them buy your products.

On this same basis, you have the opportunity to improve the customer experience. Indeed, the complete databases allow to propose customized offers for each customer. Customer satisfaction is therefore constantly being optimized.

Digitization offers a follow-up of the commercial data

The update of the data is done in real time thanks to digitalization. Indeed, the entire business process can be done online. All it takes is a simple tool to record every customer action. Instead of spending hours doing calculations, statistics are almost always available as needed.

Whether it is the CRMs, the launch of campaigns, or the impact of the actions that the company has carried out, everything is traceable. For the benefit of both the company and its customers, digitalization has taken commerce to a new level. It is thanks to the efficient tracking of business data that everything has become accessible so quickly.

Automation of sales and marketing processes

In the marketing sector, many tasks can be automated, such as sales calls. The principle remains the same for all areas. To do this, all you need is the right software. For the example of calls, a telephony software is necessary.

To prospect, a list is already included in the software in question. Instead of wasting time going back and forth across the Internet, you will have direct access to a pre-filled Excel file. The remaining time can then be spent on retaining the customers acquired.

How to get trained in digitalization?

Training in digitalization is almost impossible. In fact, the field is involved in all sectors. Instead, we should specialize in one area and support digitalization skills. To do this, IUM’s MSc programs provide you with the necessary skills to access the targeted profession.

Thus, you can become an entrepreneur or manager with digital skills. As your studies are internationally oriented, the university will introduce you to the tools necessary to integrate into the world of digital commerce.

Updated 14 September 2023