What are the salaries after studying sports management?

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The sport management profession is quite generous. Because sports is a world where investors make multiple activities and investments, positions generally offer a comfortable life. However, it is important to gain experience and to choose the organization in which you wish to work.

How much do you earn after studying sports management?

There is a wide range of salaries in the field of sports management. Apart from the level and qualifications, the position and the size of the company can be one of the reasons for the variation of this salary. As a result, it is very difficult to delineate the exact amount of money you can earn in sports management.

However, professionals in the field typically earn 40,000 euros per year. However, a specialist in sports management can earn more: up to 80,000 euros. It all depends on his position and his years of experience. A professional with senior status is much better paid.

What are the opportunities in sports management?

There are many opportunities in sports management. You will be spoilt for choice. However, the most notable items are:

  • the sports communication manager

In principle, a master’s degree in sports management is required for this position. It is also acquired through experience. A person who has started as a sports agent and has taken some training can do this job. It is important to know that his role is to make his client known to the public or to his partners.

  • business developer in the sports sector

It is a professional who, in principle, must also have a master’s degree. His mission is to adapt his company’s products to consumers who are generally sportsmen. However, he must be versatile, because outside of sport, he must be able to communicate and market.

  • The Stadium Manager

Also known as a stadium manager, a stadium manager is responsible for the operation of a sports facility. It sets the opening hours and the availability schedule of the infrastructure in question.

  • The sports equipment manager

This professional is the one in charge of the material and the management of the budgets necessary for the equipment of a city. Generally, it intervenes within the framework of the management of a sports establishment such as a swimming pool or a golf course.

However, this list is only indicative, as the world of sports is constantly bringing innovations. Jobs in the field of sports management can thus be created every year.

What is the salary of a Communications Manager in sport?

Several parameters must be taken into account before defining the salary of a communication manager in sport. As with any other job, experience is part of the criteria. The size of the company can also influence this salary, as a professional in a well-known club often earns a lot of money.

However, the general salary for this position ranges from 35,000 to 45,000 euros gross per year. This amount is valid for beginners. A manager with more than 5 years of experience earns from 60 000 euros gross per year. If you want to work in this position, it is worthwhile to join well-known clubs to make a decent living, although the basic salary for this job is already quite high.

What is the salary of a sports equipment manager?

The sports facility manager occupation is at the top of the ladder in the sports industry. As a result, those who have chosen this career path earn an average of 3500 euros per month at the beginning of their career. Like the communication manager, this salary increases with experience if the professional continues to hold the position for several years.

However, this salary may be limited to 2,000 euros per month. This is often due to the size of the organization where the professional has decided to work. It is also possible that he or she is really at the beginning of his or her career without any work experience or internship. In this case, it makes sense that he earns a small amount as a salary.

Which course should I choose to discover sports management at IUM?

The IUM offers a specific course of study in sports management. At this university, this sector is a whole field and not just a subject. It is thus possible to obtain a master’s degree in sports management. This program is internationally recognized. It then allows the student to access all the positions corresponding to his or her skills throughout the world.

To earn a master’s degree in this field, students must complete a 16-month program. At the end, he will obtain 60 semester credits calculated on the basis of the American system. In other words, the program grants 120 ECTS credits.

Updated 14 September 2023