What are the salaries after studies in sustainable development and innovation management?

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Do you want to grow in your work by choosing a job that is both rewarding and well-paid? Do you want to help make the world a better place by working in the sustainability sector? What are the salaries after studying sustainability management? This is the subject of our article.

In summary:

Salaries after studies in sustainable development management:

  • Are reasonable and amount to an average of 2900 euros per month.
  • Depends on the position held.
  • Varies depending on the size of the company you choose to join.
  • Are naturally higher for executive, managerial and leadership positions.

How much can you earn after studying sustainable development and innovation management?

In addition to recruiting, sustainable development management is a sector that pays well. For reference, you can earn an average of 2,900 euros per month and as much as 2,100 euros per month, even when you start out. Of course, you can earn more with experience and seniority and receive up to 5400 euros per month, or even more.

That said, it is worth mentioning that salaries can vary from company to company. If you are a sustainability manager in a global company, you should normally earn more than someone in an SME. Also, it is the position that you hold that defines your remuneration according to a well-defined salary scale.

After studies in sustainable development management, your monthly salary can be up to 5,300 euros in an SME compared to 7,400 euros in a large company. If you manage to land a position with higher responsibilities, you can even earn up to 8,000 – even 10,000 euros per month.

What job can I do after studying sustainable development and innovation management?

After studying sustainable development management, you should be able to access many professional opportunities. Virtually all companies nowadays integrate sustainable development management within their organization. A large number of trades have been created recently.

Manager of sustainable development

After at least 5 years of study in management or a related field and specializing in sustainable development, you can become a Manager. The job of Sustainable Development Manager is one of the best paid jobs in the sector.

CSR Manager

CSR or Social and Environmental Responsibility always goes hand in hand with sustainable development management. The position of CSR Manager is a position of great responsibility and is therefore well paid.

QHSE Manager

Nowadays, almost every company has a QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) department. It is responsible for ensuring compliance with the principles of sustainable development management. Thus, after having completed at least 3 to 5 years of studies and acquired the experience required for the position, you can become a QHSE Manager.


The profession of environmentalist is the profession par excellence for those who want to work in sustainable development. It also requires at least 3 years of higher education if you want to become an environmental studies officer. However, if you plan to become an expert environmentalist, you need to complete at least 5 years of study.

How to specialize in sustainable development management during your studies?

Recently, specialized training in sustainable development management is still rare. So, if you plan to direct your professional project towards this sector, the ideal is to first study international management. You may then decide to specialize in sustainability through internships, volunteering or work-study.

Then join IUM, an international business school to do an MSc International Management. In this way, you can acquire a solid foundation in management and hold a position in the international field. All that remains is for you to expand your knowledge of sustainable development by doing internships and getting your first job in the sector.

There are also other options available to you and you can see a list of them on the school’s website. You can also go to the FAQ section of the site to find answers to more specific questions.

How to become a Sustainable Development Manager?

Normally, you can become a Sustainable Development Manager after studying sustainable development management. You can then study international management or human resources before specializing in the field.

Updated 14 September 2023