What are the opportunities in the field of sustainable development?

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You want to be part of those who work for the good of humanity and the environment? Training in sustainable development is one of the best ways to achieve this. This is what will give you access to all kinds of social and environmental jobs and allow you to act closely in favor of nature and ecology. But, what are the opportunities in the field of sustainable development?

In summary:

Sustainable development:

  • Has many opportunities both academically and professionally.
  • Focuses on environmental, social and economic issues.
  • Allows access to new professions that are recruiting more and more.
  • Is applied in all kinds of companies regardless of their activities.
  • Can be studied in an international business school.

What kind of career can be envisaged in the field of sustainable development?

Since the concept of sustainable development has only been promoted for a few years, all the careers related to it are relatively new. However, with the environmental problems that concern the whole world, it is a branch that opens on the international field.

Faced with the urgency of preserving and rehabilitating the environment, virtually all companies are obliged to apply sustainable development. Regardless of their activities, they always have one or more departments responsible for ensuring sustainable development. This is reflected in the application of the CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Among other things, within the company of your choice that offers the position, you can consider becoming :

  • environmentalist ;
  • waste management consultant ;
  • QHSE manager (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment);
  • quality inspector ;
  • recycling project manager ;
  • expert in renewable energy ;
  • responsible for solidarity finance ;
  • risk management officer ;
  • sustainable marketing manager.

What are the main industries that offer opportunities in the field of sustainable development?

Today, virtually every type of industry offers opportunities in the area of sustainability. However, there are some activities that require more application than others.

The environment

First of all, the concept of sustainable development was conceived par excellence for the environmental sector. Any company and / or industry working in this field then imperatively always offers positions that are related to sustainable development.

The energy

The majority of energy industries are also already adopting the principles of sustainable development. Moreover, the concepts of blue energy and green energy are already in line with these principles and imply the massive recruitment of experts in this field. It is also in this sector that the most carbon credits are calculated.

The trade

Business also offers many opportunities in the field of sustainable development. This is especially true since efforts are being made worldwide to implement an effective management policy for sustainable development at the corporate level.

What are the skills and qualities sought by employers in the field of sustainable development?

When hiring staff in the sustainability field, employers look for the following skills and qualities in particular:

  • the new recruit must be respectful of the environment and be eco-responsible;
  • She must be rigorous and have a sense of detail to be able to work in quality;
  • It must know the principles of sustainable development and CSR or Social and Environmental Responsibility;
  • experience may be required depending on the position to be filled.

How to train for sustainable development jobs according to your specialty?

The ideal way to prepare for jobs in sustainable development is to train in a school specializing in the environment. However, if you want to prepare for it in relation to your major, prioritize the subjects more and choose a branch that teaches sustainability.

To prepare yourself for careers in sustainable development in the field of international trade, you can join theIUM. You can find the list of available Bachelor’s and Master’s programs on the website. For more information, go to the FAQ section.

What will be the future opportunities in the field of sustainable development and how could this influence the opportunities for professionals in this sector?

Lately, opportunities are more focused on climate change, carbon credit and sustainability management. The jobs of the future in this field concern these points and recruitments are much more numerous.

Updated 14 September 2023