What are the main areas of study in luxury management?

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The luxury industry includes several sectors of activity with multiple career opportunities. Studying luxury management is an opportunity to evolve in a field that is as exciting as it is promising. Zoom in on the different training possibilities available to you.

What is studied in luxury management?

Theobjective of management studies is to train students to hold positions of responsibility within companies of all sizes. The training focuses mainly on management, decision-making and organization. Luxury management is therefore management applied to a specific field. Luxury is a sector that includes fashion, jewelry, perfume, hotels and automobiles. Specific lessons are therefore necessary to become fully operational, namely:

  • the luxury economy;
  • new trends ;
  • applicable law in the field of luxury ;
  • distribution in the luxury sector.

Why choose to specialize in fashion and retail during your studies in luxury management?

Passionate about fashion? Do you want to put your skills to good use in the distribution of luxury goods? You should know that fashion and retail occupy a large part of the luxury market. They therefore recruit many professionals, from designers to management and sales specialists. Specializing in fashion and retail means being a pillar of business development in this sector. Put all your management and negotiation skills to work to reach an international market. To perfect your training, schools like IUM focus on teaching in :

  • retail management ;
  • international marketing ;
  • merchandising and retail buying ;
  • luxury distribution.

Why specialize in luxury hotels or events during your studies in luxury management?

Like fashion and retail, the luxury hotel industry is a flourishing sector with multiple national and international employment opportunities. Indeed, there is a strong growth in demand in the field of tourism. You can feel the satisfaction of contributing to the development of the most beautiful palaces in the world. More than a promising career, joining the luxury hotel industry offers the possibility of making multiple discoveries and having a rewarding career. Take advantage of your job to travel to exceptional places.

Event management is an equally exciting and rewarding field. You can have the satisfaction of seeing the fruit of several weeks or even months of work materialize. This work is all the more satisfying when you fill your guests with the best.

Skills in luxury hotel and event management can be acquired through training at IUM. After your studies, you can apply for positions such as :

  • hotel manager;
  • financial manager
  • responsible in restoration;
  • event manager.

Why choose brand management during your studies in luxury management?

The brand manager is one of the key players in the development of any company. His role is to promote a brand using several strategies. The main reason for doing brand management is the numerous opportunities, not to mention the attractive remuneration. However, this job is also rewarding, in the sense that you are indispensable to the brand.

What are the essential qualities to have in order to succeed in luxury management studies?

Luxury management is a demanding sector that requires a personal investment. To succeed in this field, qualities such as humility are essential. Despite the world of opulence that surrounds you, the idea is to value the product and the brand, not yourself.

Furthermore, rigor is essential in order to comply with the expectations of the target clientele. Of course, it will be difficult to work in luxury management if you are not passionate about this field. In addition to personal qualities, a few prerequisites will be useful to you in order to succeed in your studies, namely:

  • a command of foreign languages;
  • computer skills and be comfortable with technological tools;
  • good negotiation skills.

How do I get into the Master’s program in luxury management at the IUM?

The Master’s degree in luxury management at the IUM is accessible with a bachelor’s degree. It is open to students of all nationalities, provided they have proof of English language proficiency. You must therefore be able to present an international certificate, such as a TOEFL, IELTS or other relevant certificate. There are three steps to the admission process, namely:

  • an individual interview;
  • a telephone interview;
  • an interview via a video call.
Updated 14 September 2023