How to study sports management?

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Sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to pursue other careers besides field hockey. In fact, courses such as sports management are a way to stay in this sector. Not only does the industry offer many opportunities, but there are few competitors in the field.

How do I go about studying sports management?

To study sports management, the most recommended bac is the Bac STMG. The student’s background should be similar to that of an athlete wishing to become a professional. After the baccalaureate, specialized training is necessary. Ideally, a sport management student’s career path should then look like the following:

  • graduation ;
  • enrolment in an adapted preparatory class ;
  • registration for the entrance exam of an institution offering the program.

At this level, the student must prepare his or her application and submit it according to the schedule of the institution of his or her choice. If his or her application is accepted, he or she must pass a written test and a motivation interview. This procedure is rarely mandatory, as the choice is up to the institution.

Where can I study sports management?

In order to become a sports manager, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Since schools offering this program are rare, you should take the time to look for them as soon as you meet the requirements. In principle, you can choose between a university or a business school.

How to study sports management at university?

Although sports management can be a three-year program, universities generally offer only Masters programs. To access it, you must first obtain a STAPS license. To shorten your course, you can also opt for management or business training.

Why study sports management in business school?

Management falls within the competence of business schools. Sport management is also accessible. Moreover, the number of business schools that offer this program is increasing every year. Compared to other institutions, a business school is attractive because of several advantages it offers:

  • professional training: throughout the curriculum, students benefit from lectures and internships at the same time;
  • Networking with professionals in the field: there will be several opportunities for students to participate in sharing sessions. The hosts can be companies working in the field of sports or famous athletes;
  • Rapid professional integration: thanks to its network, the business school has a better chance of finding a job for its graduates than any other establishment.

What skills are required to study sports management?

Apart from the qualifications, a student must have certain skills to be successful in sports management studies. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the ideal skills to become a renowned professional in the field:

  • developed knowledge

In addition to the courses taken during the training courses or the years preceding the studies in sports management, general knowledge is important. You must also master sports and physical activities both in practice and in theory.

  • communication skills

A manager will always have to communicate with people. In addition to his good looks and reputation, he must also develop a certain ease in dealing with people:

  • foreign languages ;
  • social networks

What are the opportunities after studying sports management?

The list of jobs available after a sports management degree is multiple. However, the most interesting and well-known are:

  • the sports agent: the one who works on behalf of high level athletes. With the help of a sports management specialist, these professionals can negotiate their contracts more easily;
  • the event organizer: he is the one who takes full responsibility for the realization of a sports event. His tasks are the design of invitations, advertisements, and the coordination of the entire event;
  • the sports marketing manager: this is the person in charge of promoting products or sports personalities.

Which program should I choose to study sports management at IUM?

The IUM offers a specific program called Master of Science in Sports Business Management. For students wishing to graduate in sports management, this is the ideal course of study. It corresponds to 120 ECTS credits only and within the institution, you will have the choice between two entries. If you are ready, you start in September, if not, you wait for the staggered start in January.

Updated 14 September 2023