Everything you need to know about the Visual Merchandiser job: missions, training, salary

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In a store, poorly displayed and arranged products can be very difficult to sell. Sometimes a poor product layout can even cause sales of nearby products to drop. The role of the visual merchandiser is to ensure that the layout and presentation of the products are optimal.

To fill this position, candidates must possess a number of skills. These can be acquired by following the courses offered at theInternational University of Monaco.

What does the job of Visual Merchandiser involve?

The visual merchandiser is responsible for implementing merchandising principles and operations. In other words, it is responsible for optimizing the layout and presentation of various products. Although this professional works primarily in a store, he or she may also work for other types of establishments or clients.

The work of the visual merchandiser is very important, because it allows :

  • highlighting products;
  • to give a visual identity to a store or to its customer;
  • to guarantee an already established visual identity ;
  • contribute greatly to the development of sales and therefore of turnover.

In practice, a visual merchandiser rarely works alone. Within a store, he/she supervises one or more teams of visual merchandisers and reports to the store manager.

What are the main missions of the Visual Merchandiser?

The main missions of the visual merchandiser can be summarized in three main points depending on the field of activity.

At the management level, this professional :

  • leads one or more teams;
  • manages team development;
  • participates in meetings ;
  • piloting projects related to merchandising;
  • reports achievements and possible problems to his/her superior.

At the level of visual identity, the visual merchandiser ‘s missions are to :

  • think about effective presentations and layouts ;
  • control the application of merchandising principles;
  • Ensure that the actions are in line with the visual identity of the store or its client;
  • propose different themes, models and simulations;
  • design and manufacture various decorative accessories.

With regard to the management aspect, this professional must notably:

  • manage the budgets granted to it for the various projects;
  • Follow up on purchases and orders necessary for the realization of the projects.

In addition to these main missions, the job of visual merchandiser also includes some specific tasks such as :

  • participation in the setting up of new stores or points of sale;
  • manage the mannequin fleet.

What training do I need to become a Visual Merchandiser?

There are several types of training courses to prepare for the job of visual merchandiser. To learn this profession, candidates can for example integrate a fashion school, a marketing school or a business school.

In addition, candidates can enter the profession with a diploma (bac+3) or even a bac+2 issued by one of these establishments.

TheInternational University of Monaco is one of the best business schools that prepare students for the visual merchandising profession. It offers different programs in which students can develop management and merchandising skills. Among these programss include:

What is the salary of a Visual Merchandiser?

On average, a visual merchandiser starting out in the profession can expect to earn around 1,300 euros per month. If he or she keeps the same position and gains experience, this professional can earn more than 3,000 euros per month.

It should be noted that these salaries can vary depending on different criteria, such as:

  • the client’s sector of activity (mass distribution, luxury sector or niche market);
  • the client’s profile;
  • the size of the store.

What are the possible career paths of the Visual Merchandiser?

By specializing, a visual merchandiser can move into other sectors. Some sectors, such as the luxury goods industry, promise high salaries and numerous opportunities for advancement.

One of the possibilities of evolution for the visual merchandiser is also to acquire more experience in the field of management. Thanks to this, he will be able to aspire to a more important position such as store manager. But for this to happen, the candidate must also have the level of experience required for the position.

What are the essential skills to succeed as a Visual Merchandiser?

To develop in the visual merchandiser profession, candidates must, among other things:

  • master the techniques and principles of merchandising;
  • have a lot of creativity;
  • be able to think of practical and effective solutions;
  • have a certain artistic sense.
Updated 14 September 2023