Everything you need to know about the job of Sports Partnership Officer: missions, training, salary

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The position of sports partnership manager is now one of the most important positions in the field of sports. The latter consists mainly in developing the network of sponsors and, very often, makes the realization of sports projects possible.

But in order to qualify for this critical position, aspirants must first acquire various technical skills. These skills can be acquired through several courses offered at the International University of Monaco.

Missions, prerequisites, salary and career development, focus on the job of sports partnership manager.

What does the job of Sports Partnership Officer involve?

The core business of a sports partnership manager is to develop partnership relations in the sports field. In other words, this professional is responsible for managing sports sponsorship.

In most cases, this professional works in close collaboration with different actors of the sports sector. In addition, its role can go beyond the direct development of sports partnership relationships.

What are the main tasks of the Sports Partnership Officer?

The main mission of the sports partnership manager is to manage the partnership relations of his client. Most of the time, this professional has to find different sponsorships and develop the existing network of sponsors .

The sports partnership manager may also be involved in operations that consist in improving the visibility of a sports project.

These different missions of the sports partnership manager can have different objectives such as :

  • to allow the realization of a sporting event;
  • to promote the development of a club, a federation, a sports brand or an athlete;
  • to finance various sports projects.

What training do I need to become a Sports Partnership Officer?

To learn the job of a sports partnership manager, it is ideal to follow specialized training in the sports field. However, more generalized training in marketing, communication or business can also prepare you for this profession.

To become a sports partnership manager, candidates must have at least a Bac+3.

The International University of Monaco is one of the business schools that train to become a sports partnership manager. Within the school, this learning can take place in two programs, namely:

What is the salary of a Sports Partnership Officer?

As with many professions, the salary of a sports partnership manager varies according to several parameters. Among these parameters, the most important are the type of structure in which the professional is located and his experience.

In general, a sports partnership manager can earn a salary between 1,500 euros and 3,000 euros per month. In addition to this salary, various bonuses may be added depending on the contract obtained by the sports partnership manager.

What are the possible career paths of the Sports Partnership Officer?

The opportunities for growth for the Sports Partnership Manager depend on experience and career goals. With sufficient experience, this professional may work for a larger company or for a top athlete .

Thanks to these skills, a sports partnership manager can also move into marketing or communication. He can even make this reorientation in a sector other than sport.

A sports partnership manager also has the possibility of turning to sports events. This is one of the areas of expertise of this professional.

What are the essential skills needed to succeed as a Sports Partnership Officer?

In the world of sports-related jobs, the job of sports partnership manager is one of the most complex. To be able to exercise this one, the aspirants must necessarily have technical skills in marketing, communication and event management.

In order to achieve his or her goals and prosper in the business, the sports partnership manager must also possess certain qualities. In particular, it must have:

  • a very good sports culture;
  • Good persuasion and negotiation skills;
  • excellent interpersonal skills;
  • a strong sense of organization;
  • a good address book.

Aspiring sport partnership managers can acquire these skills through sport partnership training . At the IUM, students develop these skills from the Bachelor’s program through to the Master’s year.

Updated 14 September 2023