Everything you need to know about the job of Sports Communication Manager: missions, training, salary

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The job of sports communication manager is a completely different facet of the sports world. The communication manager must have certain skills. To access this profession, you must follow a specific training. We give you all the details about the job of Sports Communication Manager.

What does the job of Sports Communication Manager involve?

The job of sports communication manager is a position for a dynamic and versatile person. He will have to promote the company in which he works or his client. To do this, it addresses the general public, institutions, partners, or other actors in the world of sport.

In order to achieve successful communication, the manager implements a specific plan. Generally, the latter is impossible to achieve alone. He must then recruit his team members in advance. Then, he will have to divide the tasks between several domain specialists.

Among the key professionals are journalists and layout artists. Other communications professionals may also be recruited. The objective this time is to choose the right type of support. Often article writing is the most used. However, it all depends on the preferences of the intended targets.

What are the main tasks of the Sports Communication Manager?

As the job title indicates, the manager’s mission is communication. It establishes a strategy primarily. However, he must supervise everything until the end of the event. Moreover, the follow-up of an event is part of its functions. Indeed, the communication part of the manager concerns the production, the graphic charter and the follow-up.

Management is also one of the tasks of the sports communication manager. Indeed, it must manage the publications whether on paper or on the web. Although validation is beyond his scope of expertise, he ensures that the articles published are properly written.

In order to carry out his missions, he must also master the digital tools. In this way, it is able to effectively monitor the campaigns conducted. Whether on social networks, blogs or other channels, he must be meticulous of details.

What training is required to become a Sports Communication Manager?

To become a sports communication manager, a course of study related to sports is ideal. Among the most suitable is the IUM’s sports management program. In order to access this position of manager, however, it is necessary to obtain a baccalaureate level.

This university offers a master’s degree in the field of sports management. The program is recognized worldwide and is composed of several branches. At the end of the course, the student masters communication, negotiation, management and even law.

What is the salary of a Sports Communication Manager?

A sports communication manager at the beginning of his or her career and a senior sports communication manager each receive a different salary. A professional working in a world-class company or in a start-up company is also compensated differently.

When calculating the salary of a sports communication manager, even the years of experience count greatly. Taking each of these details into consideration, such a professional earns between 35,000 and 45,000 euros per year at the beginning of his or her career., With several years of experience, he can earn up to 60,000 euros per year, or even more.

What are the possible career paths of the Sports Communication Manager?

The communications manager is both an office and field person. This versatility means that he has several career development options. The multitude of jobs that the world of sports offers is also a great help. After a few years of experience as a sports communication manager, you’ll have plenty of choices.

As you move up the ladder, you can become a communications manager. However, parallel jobs are also interesting. By becoming a consultant for example, you will be able to create your own business. Still in the field of sports, you will have more freedom and choice in terms of contracts.

What are the essential skills to succeed as a Sports Communication Manager?

The versatility of the sports communication manager requires several skills. In the world of communication, it is necessary to have a sense of relationship. In fact, he will have to interact with several types of personalities. It can be a top athlete, partners or collaborators.
In order to get the right message across, they must also have a minimum of writing and public speaking skills. In an executive position, this professional may be required to make speeches, open an event, or introduce his client to other partners.

Updated 14 September 2023