Everything you need to know about the job of hotel manager: missions, training, salary

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The hotel manager is responsible for the overall management of a hotel or hotel complex. It must ensure customer and employee satisfaction. He is responsible for managing inventory and equipment, defining budgets and deadlines, and ensuring the safety of goods and people.

If you’re considering becoming a hotel manager, you should know that it’s a difficult but rewarding job. It is important to have good business sense, as well as hospitality, and to be able to multi-task. A hotel manager’s salary can vary depending on his or her level of experience and the size of the hotel he or she manages.

What does the job of a hotel manager involve?

The hotel manager is the manager of the hotel establishment. He is responsible for the management and commercial development of the hotel. He is therefore responsible for the marketing strategy and finances of his establishment.

He is the guarantor of the hotel’s good image and must ensure that all guests have excellent memories of the hotel. To do this, he is in permanent contact with the different departments of the hotel: reception and catering.

What are the main tasks of a hotel manager?

The hotel manager is a key position in the hotel industry, as he or she is responsible for the profitability of the hotel. He is responsible for managing all the activities of the establishment. He/she must ensure that the guests have a pleasant stay and that the various services of the hotel are functioning properly.

Its main missions are to :

  • Manage and animate the hotel team;
  • Ensure the management and the strategy of the establishment in terms of exploitation, marketing and reception;
  • Ensure the smooth running of operations and customer satisfaction.

To do this, it has a wide range of skills. This can range from financial management to human resources management, organization and team dynamics.

What training do I need to become a hotel manager?

Training is an important step in your job search for a hotel manager. There are several training courses that allow you to practice this profession. The most popular courses are in hospitality and tourism. They allow you to acquire the theoretical and practical bases of the profession.

To become a hotel manager, you must also have a background in management. The latter will allow you to acquire the skills necessary to manage a team and a hotel. This training can be done at a reputable school such as IUM.

What is the salary of a hotel manager?

The salary will depend on the location, type of hotel, area and the candidate’s record. Hotel managers may be compensated based on a percentage of the hotel’s profits and performance bonuses based on the hotel’s performance.

The average annual salary of a hotel manager is between 35,000 and 45,000 euros. By some estimates, the salary may be higher for a qualified manager with extensive experience in a busy hotel. Obviously, the salary will vary depending on your experience and location. It also relies on additional benefits offered by your employer.

What are the possible career paths for a hotel manager?

Are you eager to grow in the hospitality industry? Fortunately, there are several opportunities for growth within the hotel manager profession. He or she may take over the general management of a hotel unit or join a large group.

Some even start their own business. Finally, if you are looking for new horizons, there is nothing to stop you from working abroad and discovering different cultures.

What are the essential skills to succeed as a hotel manager?

For a hotel manager, core competencies are as important as qualifications and know-how. Skills such as personnel management, accounting and budgeting are equally important to success in the business.

Other key skills include a thorough knowledge of hotel management information systems. They also include the ability to communicate effectively, especially with customers. It is also important to be able to manage stress in all environments and in difficult situations.

Finally, it is often helpful for a hotel manager to have a thorough knowledge of the law relating to hotel trade associations. This ensures compliance with all relevant laws in the workplace.

Updated 14 September 2023