Everything you need to know about the job of a sports press officer: missions, training, salary

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The world of sport is made up of many players, including athletes, federations and specialized media . Because of this plurality, it is often complicated for these actors, especially for new ones, to make themselves known. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use a sports press agent.

The sports press officer is a communication professional. He acts as an intermediary between his client and the media, and guarantees the passage of information. What does it take to become a sports press officer ?

What is the job of a sports press officer?

The main role of the press attaché is to promote his client and more specifically, his activities. To do this, this professional relays information to the media or the press. Thus, the sports press officer is the link or intermediary between the media and his client.

This professional may be required to work with different individuals and organizations. Among its potential customers, it is possible to mention

  • sportsmen ;
  • athletes ;
  • clubs and federations;
  • the media specialized in sports.

What are the main tasks of the press officer in sport?

Communication and relationship building are at the heart of the press officer’s job in sports. These two activities include a number of operations that can be summarized in four points. These are the main missions of the sports press officer and consist of :

  • take charge of the client’s press relations;
  • to act as an intermediary between the actors of the sports world and the media;
  • to act as an intermediary between the audience and the media;
  • Maintain relations with the press and provide information.

What training do I need to become a sports press officer?

Several training courses prepare you for the job ofsports press officer. This is the case for certain generalist courses such as journalism and information-communication studies. It is even possible to enter this profession by taking a course in political science.

Specific training courses are offered by various business schools such as the International University of Monaco. Within the school, students learn the business in the Master of Science in Sports Business Management.

The objective of this program is to allow students to acquire skills specific to the world of sports. Therefore, the Master of Science in Sports Business Management offers a variety of career opportunities for graduates.

What is the salary of a press officer in sport?

The salary that asports press officer can earn depends on several parameters, including:

  • its status (employee or independent);
  • his client (an athlete, a communication agency, a sports federation, or a media);
  • his experience;
  • the quality of its work.

However, as a rule of thumb, a sports press officer starting out can earn around 1,800 euros per month.

What are the possible career paths for a press officer in sport?

Sport is one of the sectors that offer the most opportunities to its players. In addition to the athletes and sportsmen, it is possible to find the sports press officers.

In terms of career development, the sports press officer can become a communications director or public relations manager. Other positions such as press officer are also open to this professional.

In this profession, the possibilities depend mainly on the structure in which the professional develops.

What are the essential skills to be a successful sports press officer?

The sense of contact and communication are the main qualities that a sports press officer must have. These are used to carry out operations aimed at attracting the media and journalists. To stand out from the crowd, a sports press officer must also be original.

In addition to these qualities, the job of press officer in sports also requires specific assets such as :

  • a good sports culture;
  • strong writing skills;
  • have a well-stocked address book;
  • strong persuasion and negotiation skills.

The International University of Monaco provides the opportunity to acquire these essential assets for the profession ofsports press officer.

Updated 14 September 2023