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Students of the MSc in Sports Business Management program recently had the opportunity to dive headfirst into the heart of sports events, gaining invaluable hands-on experience that enhanced their academic learning.

In May, thanks to IUM’s partnership with the Automobile Club of Monaco (ACM), the MSc in Sports Business Management students participated in the Monaco Formula E, Grand Prix Historique, and Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix

Depending on the available positions and the suitability of their profiles, some students were invited to join the organizing team for tasks related to welcoming and managing “VIP” participants of the ACM and event sponsors or tasks related to race communications.

This participation complements the Master in Sports Business Management program effectively, contributing to the development of both ‘soft skills’ and ‘hard skills.'”

Through its partnerships and joint projects with stakeholders in the principality, IUM enriches its student’s learning experience by immersing them in the “Monaco experience” through their concrete contributions to selected projects and activities.

Student Testimony

As a shadow of Martin Manecy in Formula E’s Marketing and Sustainability departments, I had an immersive experience leading up to and during the Monaco FormulaE. I assisted Martin in various marketing initiatives, ensuring our social media presence was strong and coordinating promotions at the Monaco Train Station. Additionally, I aided in translating marketing materials into French and engaged with student associations for sustainability efforts, including organizing a social media contest.

Regarding sustainability, I assisted Martin in an upcycling project.

During the event week, as a Community Engagement Coordinator, I continued to support Martin in my role of shadow while focusing more on connecting with people and enhancing the event experience. I helped organize the Girls on Track Karting Challenge and Career Talk, ensured inclusivity by translating talks into French, and engaged with attendees in the pit lane, sharing insights about Formula E.

On race day, I was everywhere, ensuring local influencers had a memorable experience. Overall, I believe I played a significant role in both the marketing and community engagement aspects of the event.

“I’m also incredibly grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with ACM Accès Bateaux during the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. Over the past week, I’ve gained experience in the accreditation process for a Formula 1 event. Alongside two fellow IUM students, I managed yacht accreditation and guest passes as well as monitored Port Hercule during the event days.” Camille Ossevoort

“This past week, I worked with the Automobile Club de Monaco at the Drivers Club of the 14th Grand Prix Historique of Monaco.

The office was located directly on the pit lane, which offered invaluable insights into the heart of the event.

It is particularly fascinating to compare my experiences at the traditional Historic Grand Prix with those acquired from the modern E-Prix two weeks ago. Needless to say, I am completing my overall appreciation of the automobile sports landscape.” Liliane Ashley

“Working for the Formula 1 Grand Prix was truly a dream! I worked with the Automobile Club de Monaco digital team, focusing on MGP Live Fan Zone content.

From the content of fan interviews to driver interactions with fans, it was an amazing weekend!

I am immensely grateful to work and witness such a prestigious event, especially being such a special win in Monaco!” Emily Snyder

“This experience not only deepened my passion for Motorsports but also honed my skills in navigating fast-paced environments and delivering top-notch experiences that go beyond the racetrack.
I was truly impressed by Formula E’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and the remarkable dedication of its employees.” Madison Beaulieu

“I am excited to share that I had the incredible opportunity to work in the Accreditation Center for the Formula E Race in Monaco and in the office of boat access during the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. These experiences have been nothing short of amazing, and I am deeply grateful for the chance to be part of such prestigious events.
Special thanks to the Automobile Club de Monaco and the International University of Monaco for the opportunity, support, and organization. It is a dream come true!” Luna Sclesser

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Updated 6 June 2024