Everything you need to know about the HSE Manager position: responsibilities, studies and salary

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HSE professions are among the new roles created from the sustainable development concept and usually hold significant positions within companies. Discover the HSE Manager job, from the required education to the main responsibilities.

Within a company, regardless of the industry, the role of HSE Manager is one of the most important. It contributes to the effective management of a company and touches upon many aspects of its organization. But what does the HSE Manager job entail? What missions does it involve, and how can one enter this field? Find out in this article.

In summary:

The HSE Manager job:

  • Is closely linked to sustainable development
  • Induces involvement in the general management of the company
  • Requires collaboration with various departments and services within a company
  • Is a job with significant responsibilities
  • Is properly compensated
  • Can lead to career advancement
  • Can be taught in international business schools like IUM

What does the HSE Manager job entail?

As the title suggests, the HSE Manager job entails significant responsibilities. It focuses on various aspects of business management, particularly on quality, hygiene, health, safety, and the environment. Being a HSE Manager involves managing a team of professionals in each of the previously mentioned areas.

The HSE Manager must carry out numerous missions aimed at establishing sustainable business management. With their team and the collaboration of other professionals from different departments and/or services, they address and resolve all detected non-conformities.

Why become a HSE Manager?

There are several reasons that might motivate you to become a HSE Manager:

  • It’s a relatively recent position in which you can learn a lot
  • The sector is dynamic and allows you to develop skills, particularly managerial ones
  • It teaches you to manage a team and collaborate with professionals from other fields
  • It’s a well-compensated profession that offers many opportunities for advancement
  • It’s a rewarding position that contributes to implementing sustainable development principles

What studies are required to become a HSE Manager?

The HSE field is so vast that many study programs can lead to careers in it. However, it’s imperative that your field of study focuses on one of the branches of HSE, management, or related sectors.

Thus, depending on your goals, you can pursue scientific, technical, and/or more general studies, and later choose a specialization. For example, you can study business, management, or communication and specialize in sustainable development.

To become a HSE Manager, it’s ideal to aim for a Master’s degree, as is the case for most managerial positions. However, it’s possible to access this position with, at least, a Bachelor’s and some professional experience in the field.

The HSE sector can intersect with many other sectors. Indeed, even if you train for one position and occupy it, it’s still possible to reorient yourself toward HSE or a related field. To do this, you can opt for either short or long-term training or a related job.

What is the average salary of a HSE Manager?

Due to the numerous responsibilities and heavy workload it entails, the HSE Manager job is generally well compensated. Of course, your salary can vary depending on several factors: the level of education, the scale of the company you work for, and your experience.

At the beginning, depending on your skills, you can expect a gross monthly salary ranging from 2,500 to 3,750 euros. With some experience, your compensation can evolve to up to 5,000 euros gross per month. You can even aim for a higher position like HSE Manager and earn even more.

What program can you follow at IUM to become a HSE Manager?

Are you interested in joining IUM and training for the HSE Manager profession? Join our MSc in Sustainability and Innovation Management! This program is specially designed to teach you the fundamental skills required for sustainable development-oriented business management.

To learn more about this program, visit our website and the FAQ section.

Updated 3 May 2024