What is the best country to study International Management?

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In practically every country worldwide, obtaining a degree in International Management opens the door to numerous prestigious career paths. Discover the top destinations for studying International Management.


International Management:

  • Is linked to numerous other sectors
  • Provides access to a wide range of opportunities in different yet complementary fields
  • Enables a career on the international stage
  • Is a continuously recruiting sector
  • Is taught in international business schools such as IUM

What are the best countries in the world to study International Management?

The best country for studying International Management depends on several factors. These include student success rates as well as employability rates. It is also based on these parameters that international management schools and universities are ranked against each other.

Naturally, the country with the highest number of reputable institutions for teaching this field is considered the best in the field. By this measure, the best countries in the world for studying International Management include France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and China.

Why pursue studies in International Management?

Today, more students are opting to study International Management for various reasons. The following advantages often motivate this choice:

  • International Management is a dynamic and exciting sector to study
  • There are numerous opportunities for advancement in this field
  • It’s a highly employable sector that recruits extensively internationally
  • International Management education often involves overseas travel as part of the curriculum
  • The sector creates a vast professional network worldwide
  • Careers accessible with a degree in International Management are generally prestigious and well-paid

Which destination to choose for studying International Management?

Are you considering studying International Management? Do you want to select the best destination for your studies but aren’t sure how? You should consider some essential criteria, including the overall performance of the host institution and the reputation of the destination country.

To do this, consult testimonials from former students about the schools they attended and the countries they visited. Additionally, it’s crucial to research the programs offered in advance. You can typically access the websites of the institutions you’re interested in online and learn about the program content.

An important criterion to consider is the language in which the program will be taught. Ideally, choose a language spoken in many countries. This is the case with French and English, in particular. Some international business schools even offer bilingual education to increase your chances of accessing an international career.

Finally, it’s essential to consider the cost of living in the host country as well as any tuition fees that may apply. The most important thing is to choose an International Management program that fits your budget.

What are the career prospects in International Management?

There are numerous career prospects in International Management. Studying International Management can lead you to the following professions:

  • Business Developer
  • International Market Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Marketing Manager for Foreign Subsidiaries
  • International Treasurer
  • International Finance Consultant
  • International Strategy Consultant
  • International Development Director
  • Foreign Branch Director

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Updated 3 May 2024