What are the opportunities in the field of sports management?

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Sport management is a field that is still little known. By following a training course, you will have access to many opportunities. It’s up to you to define your passions and align your business with them. Find out about the different opportunities in the field of management.

What is the average salary of a sports management professional?

The first job that comes to mind in sports management is the manager of sports organizations. Generally holding a bachelor’s degree, this type of professional earns a good living. At the beginning of his career, he can earn between 25,000 and 30,000 euros gross per year.

This profession is only one example, as there are many in the field of sports management. One of the best known positions after manager is stadium manager. This job pays between 2,000 and 5,000 euros net per month. However, you must take into account the reputation of the club where you work.

The position of equipment manager is also one of the most sought-after positions at the moment. The equipment manager must implement a city’s sports policy. It issues a schedule for the service of associations, clubs or other organizations. Given the tasks involved, he earns an average of 2,500 euros net per month.

The compensation of a sport management professional can vary greatly. In addition to the job title, consider the size of the organization in which they work. Also, his years of experience have a great impact on his salary. In a good position and being senior, it is easy for a sports management professional to earn up to 60,000 euros per year.

Why work in sports management?

The field of sports is one of the most advantageous sectors both nationally and globally. Upon entering sports management, you will work :

In a field considered to have a future

Contrary to what the public sees, the business of sports goes beyond the field. For a sporting event to take place, several professionals contribute in their own way. These are often in the field of sports management. The latter ensure that this world continues to exist for decades to come.

Between becoming a marketing manager, agent, event manager or other specializations in the field of sports, everyone is free. A competence in sports management will enable you to hold most positions in the sports sector.

In a sector far from routine

The sports business presents you with different challenges at every opportunity. Each event will allow you to learn and develop your skills. To make it easier for yourself, you can choose a sport you’ve always loved and stick with it.

If over the years you get into a rut, you will always be able to change your field. Moreover, the experiences you have acquired will be maintained. You will be able to move from activity to activity or position to position according to your preferences.

In a field of opportunity

There are many jobs in the sports management sector . The competition is less fierce even if you have just graduated. Indeed, you have the choice between several specialties, namely sports, commercial, communication and more technical professions.

Also, throughout your course, you will have the opportunity to work with renowned professionals. Top athletes and world-class coaches may need your services. In addition to all these advantages, there is the very rapid career development.

What are the possibilities for career transition after studying sports management?

It should be noted that a sport management professional is a very versatile person. The training she has undergone touches on several areas, namely: communication, human resources, leadership, and even management and law. Consequently, a career change after studying sports management is quite easy.
The student can follow one of these paths or train to become a full-fledged entrepreneur. In all cases, training, even of short duration, is mandatory. This will allow the student to catch up with other students who have decided to major in their chosen field.



Updated 3 May 2024