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IUM’s students recently met Laurence Jenk (Jenkell), the creator of the « Bonbon,» the famous candy-shape sculpture.

“Making communication science accessible through art and semiotics (study of signs) is really important, said Dr. Jauffret.

In the Bachelor program (Marketing Communication Specialization), I integrate this science in the Advertising course but also in the Internal and External Communication course where I develop the importance of non-verbal communication.

The famous artist “Chevalier des orders des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters) helped Bachelor students specialized in communication to understand how Art can express subliminal opinions, send hidden messages (political, religious, …), and can also be used as an international and political gift…

An amazing human experience where different perceptions of reality confront each other.”

This woman with impressive ideas strangely never thought about becoming an artist! As Laurence Jenk said, « creation was a necessity.»

She started by putting real candy on canvas when she realized that plexiglass was a fun material to work with and became her favorite. She played with it and deformed it until she realized that it looks like wrapping a candy by twisting it. From curiosity was born a passion and a vocation.

Sixteen years later, she continues to combine her head and hands in the service of art, challenging herself, creating new decors as she’s never out of ideas and still has so much to experiment with.

“It’s not just a candy; it’s a smile.” As she explains it, the candy has a lot of meaning behind its funny appearance. The candy symbolizes the simplest childhood memory and is, therefore, an echo to our inner child, a reminder to use imagination and creativity as we all used to. The twist is the sign of her rebellious spirit that she expresses, as it is a turning point. It is also an opportunity for her to pay tribute to her family, especially her grandfather, who introduced her to sweets.

Each sculpture is unique in the form, position, size, and colors used; You can customize it. Up to 2.5 meters, the candy is the result of several years of self-taught learning. If she doesn’t have any targeted audience, as “no matter who you are, art exists for you,” she was strongly influenced by the works of Picasso, Jeff Koons, and most women as Camille Claudel.

She defines artists and, therefore, herself as a “happy, dynamic person, thanks to art.” During this meeting, she allowed students to understand better an artist’s daily life: staying motivated to pursue his/her dreams and facing difficulties with strength. It was a special moment for students who came out of this interview, grown and motivated to accomplish great things.

We warmly thank Laurence Jenk for coming and have us share her knowledge and experience. We also recall that her art exhibition takes place on Espace 22, Boulevard d’Italie in Monaco until the end of May 2021 and that you can also find her on social media.

Written by Lauriane Rouillan, Bachelor 2023

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Updated 29 September 2021