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Join us and get inspired by our Alumni career stories!

On February 11th

  • Ieva Mikelinskiene, Senior Research Analyst at Tiverton Trading, will explain her journey as a Financial Trader. ⌚ at 6.30 pm
  • Desislava Peycheva (Daisy) Peycheva, Business Manager at Right Formula, will talk about Rethinking Formula 1 assets to engage customers globally: immersion in an analytical and creative career path. ⌚ at 6.30 pm
  • Benny Dihl, Customer Project Lead at EnBW, will exchange about the business skills needed in renewable energies: marketing roles become key in traditionally engineering-driven businesses. ⌚ at 7 pm

On February 17th

  • “New skills in demand in the retail industry in the post-covid and strong digital era – US Luxury Retail Example” by Chase Harden, Retail Training Manager. ⌚ 6.30 pm
  • “A successful career path for a graduate in international management: how to seize opportunities in this global challenging environment” by Vlada Botanovic, Export Area Manager at CARPISA. ⌚ 6.45 pm
  • “The e-commerce luxury industry” by Valerie Courades, International E-store Manager at ⌚ 7 pm

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5 Reasons to Choose IUM

1. MULTI-CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT: 80+ different nationalities represented in the student body and the faculty. This multicultural setting nurtures a constant exchange of knowledge and viewpoints, enhancing the overall academic experience.

2. MONACO EXPERIENCE: Monaco is a unique economic model. The country offers an unparalleled gateway to successful companies that work right on the IUM doorstep.

At IUM, we help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the creative leadership skills to excel both in startup and enterprise environments.

4. INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT: Professors, professional advisors, and alumni are there to ensure that all students have the same opportunities to fulfill their potential.

5. OUR FACULTY is composed of:

• Permanent, affiliate, and visiting professors from some of the top international business schools.

• Professionals and entrepreneurs sharing their own stories and experiences.

• Coaches experienced in career, professional and personal development.

Updated 30 September 2021