Each November we welcome our new DBA candidates who want to boost their professional career with academia.

And so we did this year…

Our newcomers are multifaceted in their interests and their nationalities, coming from Mexico, the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Central Africa Republic.

Their doctoral topics relate to daily business problems they experience at work and thus their themes are hot and thought-provoking: Some of our candidates will work on sustainable business practices like establishing a compliance system in emerging countries or on the cooperation of stakeholders to ensure sustainable supply chains. Others see their academic contribution in the field of leadership, self-reflection and organizational culture or in the support of family businesses in Africa to stimulate economic growth. Finally, some of our candidates want to investigate how companies can handle disruptive innovations or how in asset evaluation a gold standard could be deployed.


In this first residential week, our DBA candidates start building the foundation of their research with courses like the philosophy of science, developing interesting research questions, critically searching and selecting current academic literature, and presenting first ideas of their projects.

For sure there was also time to socialize and enjoy “student life” at Gianni’s cafeteria, or at some restaurant and bars in Monaco. The academic journey of our DBA candidates will continue soon with online courses in qualitative and quantitative research, until our new candidates will be back in Monaco for their second residential week in June 2020. By then, stay curious and motivated for your DBA project!


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