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Meet with Alain de Ruiter, 2nd year Bachelor of Business Administration, and President of the Student Association.

How did you come about the idea of studying abroad?

I was born in Amsterdam and graduated with an IB Diploma from the International School of Toulouse (IST). I was also fortunate enough to travel worldwide to places like Singapore, Dubai, New York, and Hong Kong, to name a few.

Finding myself in these culturally diverse environments has given me an open global mindset and enables me to navigate cross-cultural communications comfortably.

This all motivated me to continue my studies in an international environment.

Why did you choose Monaco, IUM, and this program?

The BBA program offered by the IUM feels like a golden ticket for young talent into the Principality of Monaco. IUM offers a unique exposure to Monaco’s dynamic business hub, home to plenteous companies and conscientious leaders.

Aside from the abundance of networking and business opportunities, Monaco’s quality (student) life is unparalleled.

To be accepted to study in such a prestigious and international environment felt like a true honor and was an offer I could not refuse.

What are your plans for the future? What advice would you give to people who decide to study abroad?

As President of the IUM Student Association (SA), I aim to navigate and lead through all of the unprecedented challenges presented to us with one goal in mind: making this year highly successful and unforgettable for all students.

Studying at the IUM has awoken the entrepreneurial spirit within me and developed my vision: to develop the next generation of conscious leaders and talent, equipped with the skills to change the narrative on female empowerment, sustainability and innovation by building the world’s leading platform for the intelligent gig economy.

I salute all students for their courage, determination, and strength during these unprecedented times. Remember that we are the leaders of tomorrow, today and that the world is your oyster. Together we thrive and triumph as the IUM community, as a family, wherever we are.

If you would like more information about  our Bachelor Programplease look at our website.

Feel free to also contact the Admissions Team directly at admissions@monaco.edu

Updated 3 June 2022