Why study sustainable development management?

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Do you want to build an international career and find a position that allows you to work for the good of humanity? Are you looking for the perfect balance to grow both professionally and personally? That’s why studying sustainable development management.

In summary:

Management of sustainable development:

  • Is a fairly recent field of study that gives access to many opportunities.
  • Based on the application of the CSR policy in the company.
  • Focuses on the well-being of humanity and therefore allows for a rewarding position.
  • Is offered in international business schools.

What are studies in sustainable development management?

The studies in sustainable development management consist in teaching you all the techniques and methods to manage resources sustainably. This implies, among other things, studying all the impacts that a project may have on society as well as on the environment. If they are negative, they also teach you how to take effective corrective action.

During your training in sustainable development management, you are normally expected to learn everything you need to know about classical management. The difference is that you must also learn to adapt all these theories to those of sustainable development.

Subjects taught for this purpose include:

  • the environment and natural resources;
  • Law, economics and management ;
  • risk assessment and management ;
  • the concept of Social and Environmental Responsibility;
  • the actors of sustainable development.

How does sustainable development management differ from traditional management?

What makes sustainable development management a relatively innovative field is that it goes against certain principles of traditional management. In the latter, there is a tendency to prioritize the company’s profits regardless of the risks outside the company.

In sustainable development management, on the other hand, you must imperatively take into account the social and environmental aspects that the project touches. The integration of CSR and sustainable developmentpolicies is becoming more and more common in companies. This is especially because of the urgency to preserve the environment and natural resources.

Sustainable management of available natural resources is an action that undeniably benefits humanity and the environment. That’s what makes it so rewarding. This time, the good of nature and people takes precedence over the material and financial benefits that a project can bring to society.

How do companies integrate sustainable development management into their strategies?

Lately, sustainable development management has become more and more important in the strategies of companies. Reasons include the promotion of ecological practices, environmental protection and gender equality. These points are respected in any company that applies sustainable development management.

To integrate it into its strategies, the company can, among other things:

  • Insert it in all its strategic planning;
  • Consider its principles when establishing a sustainable development policy or action plan;
  • Drawing up a balance sheet based on sustainable development;
  • Employing men and women equally in number and responsibility;
  • Integrate the CSR policy into the company’s policy;
  • Train employees to conserve resources.

What are the challenges of sustainable development management for companies and society?

The stakes of sustainable development management go far beyond the company in which it is applied and society. They affect the environment and natural resources, but also the well-being of humanity. Its implementation is to the advantage of all these elements and its effects take time to be felt. It actually induces a whole process intended to last in time.

Is it possible to train in sustainable development management at the IUM?

Sustainable development management is often taught in schools specializing inthe environment. However, if you want to build a career at the international level, you can study it at an international business school likeIUM. You will find on its website all the options available for studying sustainable development. Then choose to do a Bachelor’s degree and then an MSc in International Management. You can then choose to specialize in sustainable development. To do this, IUM offers many courses. For additional information, please see the FAQ section of the site.

Updated 14 September 2023