Everything you need to know about the job of sports facilities manager: missions, training, salary

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Behind the smooth running of sports facilities lies the work of an individual: the sports facilities manager. This professional is responsible for managing the material assets and the teams that make up the sports structures.

To be able to occupy the position as a sports facility manager, it is necessary to have specific technical skills. At theInternational University of Monaco, students have the opportunity to train for this profession.

What does the job of a sports facilities manager involve?

As the name of the position indicates, the sports facilities manager is responsible for the management of sports facilities. The latter is composed of a material part (premises, equipment, companies) and a human part (the teams under its authority).

This professional can manage different structures including:

  • swimming pools ;
  • gymnasiums ;
  • golf courses ;
  • sports halls.

What are the main tasks of the sports facilities manager?

The main missions of the sports facilities manager can be summarized in three main areas, namely:

  • management;
  • administration;
  • animation.

On a daily basis, this professional manages all the elements that make up the sports structures under his responsibility. This includes both physical assets and human resources. In other words, the sports facility manager manages both people and facilities.

Generally, the sports equipment manager works in the office. However, he/she may be required to travel extensively on business. This is particularly the case during visits and controls of sports structures. Because of this, the sports facilities manager must be available and easily reachable.

What training do I need to become a sports facilities manager?

The position of sports facilities manager is accessible to holders of a minimum of 3 years of higher education in one of the following fields

  • management and development of sports organizations and services;
  • sport management ;
  • management of sports events and leisure activities;
  • sciences and techniques of physical activities and sports.

Several business schools also offer training for this profession. This is notably the case of theInternational University of Monaco.

The school offers just under a dozen different programs. Among these, the Master of Science in Sports Business Management is the one for aspiring sports facilities managers. This program is accessible to holders of a baccalaureate (bac+3) and allows them to obtain a diploma of bac+5 level in the sports sector.

What is the salary of a sports equipment manager?

As a manager, a sports facility director can earn a high salary. For this position, the average monthly salary is approximately 2,432 euros.

For an entry-level sports equipment manager , the salary is generally around 1,827.55 euros. With experience, at the end of the career, this salary can rise to approximately 3,153.69 euros.

What are the possible career paths of a sports equipment manager?

It is important to know that the position of director of sports facilities is already a career move. In the public sector, access to this position is mainly through a competitive process. Only candidates who pass the competition are placed on a list of suitable candidates and can apply to a community.

Once in business and gaining enough experience, there are several opportunities for a sports facility manager. The latter may be eligible for various senior management positions such as :

  • director of socio-cultural facilities ;
  • athletic department director;
  • person in charge of physical activities and sports ;
  • manager of a leisure center.

An experienced sports facility manager may also choose to work vertically. In other words, he or she can keep the same job, but work for a larger organization and have more responsibilities.

What are the essential skills needed to succeed as a Sports Facility Manager?

To be eligible for the position of sports facility manager, candidates must possess several qualities. Essential qualities for this position include:

  • strong management and leadership skills ;
  • a great versatility and as much availability;
  • Relational skills;
  • the ability to work in a team while having a great autonomy.

This position also requires technical and specific skills, both for the position and for the sport sector. An athletic facility manager must, for example:

  • Have a solid knowledge of sports regulations and practices;
  • master the administrative and accounting operations and procedures;
  • master the Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) procedures.

These qualities and skills are essential to the position of sports facility manager and can be developed with experience. Aspirants to the position can also acquire them through the Master of Science in Sports Business Management offered by theIUM.

Updated 14 September 2023