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Business development is a promising field. Without it, many companies risk disappearing after two years of existence at most. Containing strategies to sell and keep selling, this can be an exciting field. Discover here the procedures to follow to successfully complete your studies in the field.

What are the main objectives of business development in a company?

The viability of a business is the primary objective of business development. To achieve this, the person in charge of this task takes into account the details within the company. As part of the program, the area of health care, employee life, competitor operations, and supplier relationships must be studied.

On this basis, the professional establishes specific objectives. By following these recommendations to the letter, the company will be able to remain operational for several years. Despite the constant evolution of the business world, the company is able to create perfectly adapted projects.

Business development also gives the company a choice. With the right strategy, future opportunities are multiple. Thanks to the adaptability of the company, it is easier to find a way to develop it. In other words, the manager and his team keep control of the company’s future.

How to establish an effective business development strategy?

This part is taught at the International University of Monaco. To establish an effective business development strategy, students draw on all their knowledge, namely:

  • English language skills : this is important because a viable company is one that is open to the world. A development strategy written in this language facilitates the other steps;
  • Analytical ability: in order to establish a strategy, this ability is important. To get a good strategy, you have to be able to analyze the competitors’ strategy.

The rest is just a matter of procedure. It is necessary to choose a target, determine the profile, and specify the next steps to be taken.

How to identify and target potential customers for your business through business development?

Several techniques are available to you if you want to find a client through business development. Examples include choosing a niche. Once this one is chosen, it only remains to focus the commercial actions and the prospection on the concerns that they encounter.

It is also possible to use a professional platform in the field. The latter is more efficient because it includes tests before settling on a target. This technique is called A-B testing. You will then know the type of landing pages and messages to convey more easily.

How to maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers with a successful business development?

In order to build customer loyalty through business development, the company must start by taking note of customer behavior. Testing may be necessary to determine the preferences of the customer in question. Indeed, simple reasons such as a delay in response can lead to the loss of a loyal customer.

After the observation, the company must consider techniques to improve the customer experiencein the long term. Each contact should be unique. Therefore, a personalization of the offers, but also the entire site. Wherever the customer has a relationship with the company, everything must be impeccable. During the order, at the time of delivery, and for invoices, the customer must feel that he is assisted without being harassed.

How to set up tools to monitor and measure the commercial development of a company?

There can be multiple monitoring tools. The minimum would be to have an activity chart. To be effective, it must contain an indicator of effectiveness and efficiency. The progress towards the company’s objectives is then visible.

The notion of KPIs also comes into play at this point. Depending on the company’s activities, this may change. Indeed, the KPI may concern defective products, sales figures or the cost of quality control. The KPI shows more easily the needs of the targets.

How to train in business development?

To train in business development, the IUM Bachelor program is open to all. Offering courses in English, the university welcomes students from all over the world who wish to study in the field. The training lasts three years and leads to a diploma equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.

The university offers several courses including business management, marketing and communication, digital strategy and business development. Although these tracks all deal with business development, the last one is the most interesting to become a specialist.



Updated 3 May 2024