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Do you have what it takes <br>to work in the finance industry?
Do you have what it takes
to work in the finance industry?

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Choose your path,
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Are you Bachelor,<br> Master or MBA?
Are you Bachelor,
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Open House
Open House

#Monaco  (Special Bachelor)
more info December 14 at 2.30PM

#Monaco  (Special Bachelor)
more info January 25 at 2.30PM

#Monaco  (Special MBA)
more info February 08 from 6.30PM to 8.30PM


NICE: Studyrama
more info from January 20 to January 21

NEW YORK - QS World Grad School Tour
more info January 29

IUM: an International Business School in a Unique Networking Environment

The International University of Monaco is an international institution dedicated to educating business leaders through programs based on a global focus, entrepreneurial spirit and a humanistic approach.

The learning process at IUM is based on a highly demanding and rigorous approach, as well as listening and active learning participation.

We also encourage our graduate students to go beyond the theories and data taught in the lecture hall, by using the skills learnt in real world situations.

IUM represents a unique multicultural community of students representing more than seventy-five nationalities, thus creating a unique environment for versatile business education. Located in Monaco, one of the world's leading business centers, IUM provides students with unique networking opportunities.

In many ways, the International University of Monaco resembles its home country: both IUM and Monaco are microcosms of international business world; both are close-knit communities; both are exceptionally successful due to their tiny size and concentration of talents. IUM boasts its cutting-edge approach to business training that combines theoretical studies of fundamental business concepts, global vision of particular fields and applied skills in specific areas.

Partner of the INSEEC Group, IUM also proposes business courses in Paris and London.
The International University of Monaco (IUM) is located in the Principality of Monaco, Monte-Carlo on the French Riviera.

IUM offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in business specialized in: Finance, Luxury, Marketing, Sport Business Management and International Management.

All our business programs are taught in English.

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