Summer School : Wealth Management & Private Banking


2 weeks: from July 2 to July 13, 2018

The Finance Summer School will introduce you to the main key components of the private banking and wealth management industry. Students will be exposed to both technical and managerial mechanisms of this financial activity. Compliance and regulations aspects will be covered and illustrated by real world examples. Finally the client/customer relationship will be addressed.

This course presents the characteristics of financial asset management, the specificities of its clients, services and players in the sector (Private Banking, Family office, Asset management companies, Fund manager); On the other, the Monaco financial center, the key figures, the services and products offered, the typology of its clients and its habits as well as certain specificities of the Place and its future.
This course offers an overview of the regulations to which are subject the financial sector, the impact it may have on the activities performed and the way their application is supervised.
To answer the question: What makes a great investor? We will first have to understand what investors do, their objectives and their activities. There are many elements to the investment process, and many functions and roles. Among them are the analysts. We will explain what (great) analysts do and how investment research analysis is developed around an investment thesis.
Principles of investing focuses on the fundamental building blocks that are essential to all investment strategies. Those elements are then put into perspective through an exposure to credit instruments & markets as well as an investigation of equity valuation methods & market dynamics considerations.

Students are invited to engage with their professors and guest speakers on a variety of themes from the International Business Environment in Monaco to visits to the surrounding beauty of the Riviera with its many and diverse centers of interest.

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