The curriculum of the MSc in International Management deals with corporate issues while offering, at the same time, an in-depth knowledge on global issues (New economic models, Asian century challenges and opportunities, Global policy and sustainability, Geopolitics, Business in the European Union, etc.).

During the first term you are able to build a solid foundation in core courses of business management. Then, in the second and third term you deepen your understanding of fundamental international management and acquire skills and knowledge in essential fields such as international affairs, entrepreneurship, and are confronted to sustainable and ethical ways of doing business. This MSc in International Management aims to provide you with the necessary competitive edge to outperform their peers in the job market.


Alumni Testimonials

I was looking for a program that could give me knowledge and skills on how to do business internationally as my previous background was only focused on scientific courses. Moreover, I was also looking for a program with a very multicultural profile in term of students and environment, and I found all that at IUM in the Master in International Management.

Coming from a very different background, I have learned many different things on how to do business in different situations and with multicultural people. I have definitely improved my teamwork skills and I have also understood the importance of ethics and social responsibility in doing business, which is not always obvious. I have enjoyed every single moment spent at IUM, from the toughest to the easiest ones, and I believe it was due to my amazing classmates. We really were a great team!

I always wanted to set up my own business and the Master in International Management was very likely to be a stepping stone in order to pursue my wish. Day by day, class after class, this feeling has been growing and now I am working with a partner with the aim to set up a business. I have just realized that there is nothing better than start your business and work to grow and improve it. To me, succeeding in doing that would be the biggest satisfaction.

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