The curriculum of the MSc in International Management deals with corporate issues while offering, at the same time, an in-depth knowledge on global issues (New economic models, Asian century challenges and opportunities, Global policy and sustainability, Geopolitics, Business in the European Union, etc.).

During the first term you are able to build a solid foundation in core courses of business management. Then, in the second and third term you deepen your understanding of fundamental international management and acquire skills and knowledge in essential fields such as international affairs, entrepreneurship, and are confronted to sustainable and ethical ways of doing business. This MSc in International Management aims to provide you with the necessary competitive edge to outperform their peers in the job market.


MSc in International Management

Alumni Testimonials

I chose the Master in International Management program because I was interested in specializing myself in the field of management and innovation. I was looking for an extraordinary environment to build a network and learn from first-class professors that go above and beyond standard lectures and always want to encourage learning.

During my studies, I have acquired good analytical and management skills. The education has provided me with fundamental knowledge in areas which are human resources, management, marketing, economics and finance. I have become a competent and oriented manager with the ability to build external relationships with customers. I started my own consultancy firm with two IUM fellow students and has successfully optimised the business. IUM has taught me to think outside of the box and to develop new concepts and ideas.

The MSc in International Management program offers a unique opportunity to acquire deep knowledge and know-how of business concepts. The program is tailormade for your choice of specialization in the field of innovation and project management. You will study in a competitive and dynamic environment that will challenge you from day one. I highly recommend the program which opens a door to a variety of career opportunities.

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