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At IUM, we are committed to being the trusted educational partner for both ambitious individuals and organizations, globally and within Monaco. That is why we are responding to the demand from Financial Institutions to provide certifications in Banking, Financial and ESG, as well as the Confidentiality certification.

Mandatory Certifications for Monaco Financial Institutions

Banking, Financial, and ESG Professional Certification


To strengthen the skill level of employees of the Monegasque financial institutions, and reputation of excellence of the Financial Center, the Monaco Government, at the initiative of the Association Monégasque des Activités Financières (AMAF), has established the Banking, Financial, and ESG Professional Certification, a mandatory program, implemented since 2014 and delivered by IUM, in collaboration with Auriga Legal Services and Intelleval.

The Banking, Financial, and ESG Professional Certification is a mandatory program designed to enhance the skills of employees in Monaco’s financial institutions and uphold the reputation of excellence in the sector. This program has been in effect since May 2, 2014. Individuals affected by this certification include managers, sales representatives, financial analysts, and market operators working in banks and asset management companies.
Two sessions are held each year, from September to December and from January to April. English-language courses are also offered once a year if a minimum of 15 participants is reached. The training consists of 44 hours of classes spread over 11 half-days and covers two modules: the first focusing on technical and ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) aspects, and the second module addressing Monaco’s regulatory specifics and ethics.

ESG environment social governance investment business concept. Women use a computer to analyze ESG, surrounded by ESG icons .close to the computer screen in business investment strategy concept.

Confidentiality Certification


Our Confidentiality Certification program, established in compliance with Ministerial Order No. 2018-367 of April 30, 2018, is a collaborative effort between IUM and AMAF. It offers continuous, updated sessions to educate and train personnel in credit institutions and management companies.

Key Focus Areas:

1) Professional Secrecy: Defined by Article L.511-33 of the Monetary and Financial Code for banking professionals, and Article 33 of Law No. 1.338 for investment service providers.

2) Confidentiality: This principle ensures that information under secrecy is only shared with qualified individuals.

3) Discretion: Demands discernment and prudence in all situations, especially in confidential exchanges.

Target Audience & Practical Details:

* Mandatory for all staff in credit institutions and management companies accredited by AMAF.

* Registration is facilitated through a dedicated platform where each institution has access.

* Certification is valid for three years and must be renewed thereafter.

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Updated 12 June 2024