Summer School : Event Management


2 weeks: from June 18 to June 29, 2018

With more than hundreds of events within a year, the Principality of Monaco proves to be one of the favorite place between the French and Italian Riviera to organize international events. Take your first step into event management process to learn how to manage a personal or professional event.

The summer course set up in Monaco approaches the way professional event managers design and prepare for an international event. It equips students with skills to organize different kind of events. From the project’s design itself, to the implementation of very specific actions, through team management, each step is analyzed to provide a flawless preparation of the perfect event.
An event involves the coordination of different professionals, and in order to gain entry to an exciting events career, students discover show business from business management (film and music industry, technics and security…) to the creative elements (performers, art…) to animate this special day.
The event management course is designed to help students to explore the international event industry. It focuses on practical training to help students to conceive and to organize all aspects of indoor and outdoor events. This course covers strategic project management and planning from marketing and communication to sponsoring and budgeting. Students work across all kinds of international events including corporate social events, internal and external events, art exhibitions, sports competition, conferences, charity events, weddings, press conferences…
Learning by practice is part of this summer session. Students will have to conceive their own or group microprojects, in the state of the art reality of the business industry, including legal and financial aspects.

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