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MSc in Sport Business Management

MSc in Sport Business Management

Degree Programs

Acquire the specific skills to succeed in Sport Business Management

Master Marketing Double Degree Option

with INSEEC Grande Ecole in Paris or Bordeaux, or with Politecnico di Milano

At a Glance:

  • Various sectors of Sport Management covered: sports marketing, sports sponsorship, sports entrepreneurship, and sports facilities, among others
  • Market brought directly to learning process via company visits, conferences with experienced industry professionals such as SPORTEL
  • Particular interest for the Motorsport industry and the business of football
  • For the specialization courses, students interact mostly with business professionals: TeamStadia, Ferrari
  • A dedicated Career Coach.
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Inducing a culture of rigour, professionalism and performance

The global multibillion dollar sports industry has experienced formidable and sustained growth since the 1990s. This phenomenon is due in part to various factors including societal changes (people's aspirations for a better and healthier lifestyle), the emergence of a culture based on the admiration of modern-day athletic heroes, and the growing importance of sports marketing and TV rights for corporations.

The multiplication of international and national events including Olympic Games, World Championships and alike, generates enormous public attention but also millions of dollars in revenues each year. Opportunities are virtually limitless in the sports industry, however, risks and abuses also exist, such as those brought by doping, excessive gambling, and sport clubs' disproportionate use of financial debt.

If you are eager to pursue a rewarding career in the sports industry, the Master in Sports Business Management Program is for you. The program may serve to either change a career path or to enhance career opportunities if you are already working in the sector. Classes are composed of students with a variety of nationalities and a broad range of professional backgrounds. Students join us from various sectors including Entertainment, Media, Consulting, Consumer Products, Finance, and Marketing & Sponsorship, among others.

IUM's MSc in Sport Business Management prepares participants for a variety of positions in the industry. The program equips students with solid skills and competencies but also with the ethical values to become responsible business leaders.


The Master of Science in Sport Business Management is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of the factors that influence the fast-evolving multibillion dollar sports industry, with the necessary skills and competencies to become successful global business leaders.

Master of Science in Sport Business Management
In a series of core courses students examine a broad variety of subjects that will allow them to :

1) understand the forces that influence the fast-evolving multibillion dollar sports industry
2) develop concrete managerial skills and competencies, and
3) acquire sports-related skills necessary to take on various career opportunities in this industry.

Core courses focus on the theoretical and functional keystones of the sports industry, such as communication, operations, accounting and financial management, and the legal environment. As such, core courses include Fundamentals of Financial and Managerial Accounting, Multinational Firms in the Global Economy, Public Relations, International Marketing, Organizational Psychology, Management and Leadership, and Project Management.

On successful completion of the core courses, master students will choose specialized courses to further develop key topics, aspects, or functions of the sports industry. This allows participants to relate certain theoretical aspects of the curriculum to real-world issues and better shape future career goals and directions. Specialized courses include Sports Marketing, International Financial Management, Sports International Governance and Organizations, Overview of the European Football Industry, Sport Project Management, Sports Olympism and Contemporary Issues, Principles of Sports Law, Wealth Management in the Sport Industry, Overview of the Motorsport Industry and Sports Events and Venue Management.

Some of the Core Courses offered in the MSc in Sport Business Management Program

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

  • Management and Leadership

    This course provides an overview of the entire curriculum by familiarizing participants with basic management processes, concepts, techniques, and tools; and presenting the concepts of leadership and global competition. Students will develop an understanding of the critical role management plays in modern business and learn how business functions are linked to form an integrated totality.

  • Project Management

    The course introduces students to the field of project management as it applies to the Sport Industry. It seeks to impart the knowledge and skills students will need to successfully complete projects within time, budget, scope, and quality constraints. Students will learn to develop project plans that address problems on a case-by-case basis as projects are proposed, and to manage projects through various phases to completion.

  • Overview of the European Football Industry

    The course overviews the legal and regulatory framework and the industry's main players. In addition, the course discusses various issues including the management of expensive professional teams, merchandising, TV rights and related topics.

  • Sports Event and Venue Management

    The course is structured in two modules. Event management encompasses the organizational and strategic planning of special events, HR management, event administration, advertising and event logistics. Facility management involves legal and administrative planning, risk management, compulsory competitive tendering, marketing and financial planning. In addition, the course overviews specific management issues in relation to seasonal sports such as winter sports and water sports.

  • Sports International Governance and Organizations

    The course provides a general overview of international governance issues and focuses on the functioning of national and international sports federations and organizations.

  • Sports Marketing

    The course breaks down in two modules: the first module provides an overview of marketing applied to the sports industry. The second module provides a general overview of techniques implemented to attract and retain sponsors.

Professional Immersion (Internship, Thesis or Applied Project)

The professional immersion module consists of a series of seminars, guest lectures, and field trips and culminates in an internship, a research thesis or applied project.

More specifically, during the academic year, students will have the opportunity to examine, discuss, or be exposed to contemporary issues and topics through seminars, guest lectures and conferences, firm and educational visits and supervised field projects. These issues and topics will include in particular drug and doping prevention, violence and racism around sport events, sport tourism, action sports, and disabled sports. These events will allow students to engage in constructive dialogues with business practitioners, consultants, or industry experts.

At the end of the academic year, students will have the opportunity to engage in a six-month internship and get professionally immersed into local, non-governmental, governmental, or international private organizations.

This work experience can serve as a spring board for accessing attractive job opportunities. IUM and the INSEEC Group have separately developed extended networks that together represent invaluable resources for both personal development and career advancement. Alternatively, students may complete a research thesis (on a subject that matches the student's career interests or one of the program partners) during which they work under the guidance of an academic advisor. An applied project allows a student to address a specific question, assignment, or project for which an organization needs specific answers.

A Word from a professional

Ms. Philippa Gamble, Client Manager at Octagon UK, a global sports, entertainment, lifestyle marketing and talent representation agency (of the Interpublic Group) indicates that she looks after recruits or interns who have a natural enthusiasm for sport, have a good general up to date knowledge of a variety of sports and who can demonstrate that they have a good initiative and are confident speakers.

Ms. Gamble was confident about the skills exhibited by IUM students, especially Ms. Mader (MSc in Sport Business Management alumna) who did a Summer internship at Octagon's London offices.

Career Development

Career Services

The MSc Students in Sport Business Management have to undertake a career seminar of 20 hours to:

  • help them set suitable career options through the continuous interactions with sport professionals
  • Deliver a practical support in the preparation of their “Branding” and “Self Selling Strategy” : CV's, cover letters, ‘Thank you' letters, interviews, networking and e-networking techniques, elevator pitch, etc.
  • Enable them identify and target the key markets and key players in the Sport industry, and thus to efficiency start their job search strategy.
MSc in Sport Business Management

Mr. Cedric Le Nest, Director of Sport Business Talent, an International Executive Search firm specialized in Sport Business is the dedicated Coach to the MSc Students in Sport Business Management. He is an experienced headhunter and recruitment consultant specialized in the Sports Industry. Through guest lectures or career seminars, Mr. Le Nest helps students understand how the industry is structured, what the opportunities and challenges are and how to best market themselves to create and cease job opportunities.

Career Opportunities

As such, graduates will consider some of the opportunities below:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Communication, Sponsorship, Broadcasting, Sports TV Rights
  • E-marketing, Management of Information Systems
  • Management of Event and Sports Facilities
  • Management of Small & Non-for-profit Organizations, Clubs, and Sports Associations
  • Sport Agent, Financial Advisory
  • Human Resource Management, Talent Development and Coaching.

Our alumni are (or have been) working in international companies in the world such as:

Be Fit Monaco, Peace and Sport, Colombianitos, Swiss Federation of Triathlon, IAAF, WM GmbH, Arsenal FC, Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo Country Club, Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, Laureus World Sports Award, Herculis Monaco Samsung Diamond League, World At Play, Adidas AG, Octagon, 92nd Street Y, Pantaenius Assurance Yachts, Monaco Mediax Sportel, Nascar Sport Medecine Research, Chabibeh Sporting Club, M&A Autosport, HAWI Sports Management LLC, Benha University (Faculty of Physical Education), Doc Wayne Youth Services , Inc, SlumSoccer, Transcend Media Group, to name a few.

Alumni Testimonials

Ivan Sarto Ivan Sarto, Italian, MSc in Sport Business Management Class of 2016
Digital Coordinator, Monaco Mediax / SPORTEL, Monaco

The Sport Business Management specialization has been crucial to the beginning of my career: the perfect mix between knowledge acquisition, professional lectures and networking opportunities provided me of a full set of skills and the necessary confidence to work in the industry.

My year at IUM was challenging and rewarding. The city and the campus are great and the best possible environment for international students. Cultural crossing among students and professors is definitely one of the aspects I appreciated the most during my experience.

Lacey Tu Lacey TU, MSc in Sport Business Management Class of 2013
Operations Manager, Be Fit, Monaco

My experience at the International University of Monaco has helped me shape my professional career and broaden my knowledge of the business world. As a former athlete and registered nurse in the United States, I struggled to find my way when I moved to Monaco 2 years ago. My Bachelor's degree wouldn't transfer over, so I needed to find a new career path. After a year of learning the French language and exploring my options, I began to work for a company called Be Fit Monaco. Be Fit Monaco is a private training facility that focuses on holistic, lifestyle management through individualized nutrition and exercise programs. I fit in perfectly to the team and felt it was a dream come true, but needed to further my education to move up the professional ladder.

IUM helped me develop my business skills on all levels, including accounting, marketing, leadership, project management and consumer behavior among other things. The practical knowledge and skills taught to me at IUM serve me on a daily basis. I am able to manage the company financials, planning, marketing strategies and development. I have now moved up the career ladder and am capable of managing the company, while also working on projects for expansion. The professors and staff at IUM are friendly and accommodating, making the learning experience positive and worthwhile.

I recommend IUM to anyone looking for a well rounded educational program that they can apply to their careers and daily lives.

A word from a professional

Laura Arcoleo Laura Arcoleo, Public Relations and Social Media Manager at the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations)

Laura Arcoleo, Public Relations and Social Media Manager at the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) seeks in recruits and interns knowledge of the world of athletics as well as excellent communications skills. Mrs. Arcoleo also looks for dynamic and proactive young people who are able to join in professional team work, adapt to long working hours and manage stressful and urgent situations. In particular, Mrs. Arcoleo was highly impressed by Ms. Rominger (MSc Sport Business Management alumna) during her internship with the IAAF.

Not only did Ms. Rominger fit perfectly with the sporting world, she was a key element in the success of the Media Offices and Media Operations at the IAAF Centenary Gala. Ms. Rominger was very dynamic, proactive and efficient completing all the tasks that she was required to achieve in perfectly timely and professional manner. The IAAF was so pleased by Ms. Rominger's performance that she was offered two consultancy projects for the summer of 2013.