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MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services

MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services

Degree Program

Acquire managerial expertise in innovative strategic marketing focusing on Luxury Goods and Services

Get insights on market research, luxury goods & services and sustainable perspectives, and off-line and on-line aspects

At a Glance:

  • 2 Intakes: September or January*
  • 16 months - 40 US Semester Credits (120 ECTS Credits)
  • Internship, Thesis or Applied Project (Professional Immersion)
  • Double Degree Option with Politecnico di Milano

* ONLY students holding a 240 ECTS/120 US credits degree with a specialization in the same discipline area of the Master program in which they wish to enroll may apply for Direct Admission to Term 2. The IUM Admission Committee will make a decision based on the candidate's academic profile and background.

Master Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services
Double Degree Option

with Consorzio Politecnico di Milano

Strenghts of the program:

  • The Marketing Specialization Courses are taught in collaboration with CREA Geneve (CREA is the starting point for all future creative professionals in the field of marketing, communication and digital where IUM students follow courses, participate in the Digital Day and benefit from company visits)
  • +10 years of expertise in the Luxury field
  • It's the ONLY MSc in Marketing specialized in Luxury Goods and Services
  • Renowned lecturers with industry specific backgrounds: Unilever, Solar Impulse, Arla Foods
  • Networking activities and events: Seminars, Business Conferences such as the Digital Day in Geneva and Luxepack in Monaco
  • Wide range of career opportunities, in multinational companies, or in international organizations: Ferrari, Ogilvy & Mather UK, L'Oreal US, Proxicom, Sisley, and Jimmy Choo, to name a few
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Specificities of the MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services at IUM:

The Master of Science in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services at IUM is designed for you who are interested in acquiring managerial expertise in innovative strategic marketing focusing on brand management and customer experiences.

The Curriculum offers courses that contribute with a holistic understanding of marketing. Such courses are covered as Strategic brand management, Strategic marketing management, Product and services innovation, Trends in digital marketing, Total store design, Consumer behavior and customer experience, and they all provide insights to market research, luxury goods & services and sustainable perspectives, and off-line and on-line aspects


The curriculum combines state-of-the-art classes in marketing with a broad and holistic understanding of marketing in general and luxury goods and services marketing in particular.

The program provides such courses as Strategic brand management, Strategic marketing management, Product and services innovation, Trends in digital marketing, Total store design, Consumer behavior and customer experience. You will also develop your skills needed to excel in a leadership position in marketing.

Further, for the means of strategic marketing decisions, all courses provide insights to market research, luxury goods & services and sustainable perspectives, and off-line and on-line aspects.

By completing completing the master's degree in Marketing, you will be able to:

  • Display a thorough understanding of advances in marketing science in order to pioneer the latest marketing tools and take advantage of consumer trends.
  • Demonstrate ability to critically analyze the international business setting and build innovative, customer-oriented marketing strategies.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally.
  • Have a global perspective and be able to work in and adapt to a multicultural setting and to foreign cultural behaviors.
  • Understand the importance of ethical, responsible and professional behavior.
  • Demonstrate skill in working collaboratively in achieving the shared objectives of a group.

Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services

Some of the Courses offered in the MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

IUM's Master of Science in Marketing is designed in collaboration with leading marketing professionals. Within 12 months, you will acquire a set of generalized skills in management and strategy as well as specialized skills in areas of branding, strategic marketing, innovation, services, communication, customer insights, and marketing research.

  • Consumer Experience

    This course investigates the dynamics of human behavior and how it relates to decision making in the global marketing environment.

    Initial introductory concepts of the course relates specifically to culture and the dimensions of culture, which explains differences and similarities in consumer behavior.

    It highlights divergence and convergence in consumer behavior, the emergence of global consumer culture and ethnic consumption, and the impact of acculturation and enculturation on consumption. It reviews the cultural aspects of the most common theories of consumer behavior at the various levels. At the individual level we address, motivations, the self, and mental processes, cognitive styles, perception and learning. At the social level we discuss group memberships, social classes, conformity, public and private meanings.

    The consequences for consumer research techniques, segmentation, targeting and positioning and communication strategies across culture are presented. The course focuses on the consumption domains most impacted by culture, such as sports, food and beverages, luxury goods and services, fashion and beauty products.

  • Brand Management

    There are many different perspectives on brands and branding. To establish successful brands, managers need to understand the impact of these perspectives on brand building processes. This course will introduce you to the most widespread and some very recent ideas concerning the nature of a brand and their impact on branding.

    The course will combine brand management knowledge with practical application, and develop a framework for understanding the essential ingredients of effective branding. The course covers topics such as brand positioning, architecture, extension, monitoring, image building and change, brand personality and identity, internal branding, and brands as social processes. We will discuss how to analyze, to design and to influence brands and branding processes.


    This course explains the concept of relationship marketing / CRM and details the different strategies and tools companies can use to improve the customer acquisition and retention, in order to maximize profits.

  • Market Research

    Marketing research provides managers’ information and knowledge of various aspects of the market in order to make better and justified decisions. This course provides a comprehensive knowledge in marketing research and hands-on exercises in planning and executing research as well as analyzing the findings to make decisions.

    Students will:

    • Get acquainted with the opportunities and limitations associated with market research methods
    • Become familiar with standard data collection methods, such as qualitative studies, experimental studies, surveys, and secondary data
    • Develop the skills needed to interpret market research
    • Understand the key methods that can be used to analyze data
  • Integrated Communication and Social Media

    This course is concerned with the development, evaluation, and implementation of integrated marketing communication strategies. The course deals with an in-depth analysis of a variety of concepts and theories in topics that include various communication functions, media alternatives and the integrated marketing communication concept.

    This course is delivered by CREA Geneve, the reference in training students for careers in the fields of marketing, communication, digital and artistic direction in Switzerland.

  • Digital Marketing

    The course provides insights to the latest trends in digital marketing as well as theories, methods and tools to manage the firm's on-line presence.

    This course is delivered by CREA Geneve, the reference in training students for careers in the fields of marketing, communication, digital and artistic direction in Switzerland.

Professional Immersion (Internship, Thesis or Applied Project)

At the end of the academic year, the applied research project or the internship offer you the opportunity to apply the theory gained in the courses and to further develop your interests and competencies in a chosen field of specialization.

In your internship search, you are supported by all IUM faculty members and by the IUM Career Office that provide you with information and guidance on the marketing job market places and help you throughout the year to carefully prepare your applications in these competitive markets.

Anchored in the IUM teaching philosophy, most of the Digital Marketing courses combine the rigorous theoretical approach of IUM professors with the concrete views of marketing professionals.

Throughout the year, renowned marketing experts come at IUM to share their view on international markets trends, forecasts or on the innovation.

Career Services

Career Development Seminar

As part of your MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services program, you will follow a Career Development Seminar, divided in 3 sequences, to support you in your internship and job search strategies.

  • In Fall –
    “ Discovering” job markets, companies and career paths
  • In Winter –
    “Targeting the institutions”
  • In Spring –
    “Making Connections”


marketing Career

Career Opportunities

Future graduates will be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities such as:
  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Campaign Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Web Marketing Manager

Our alumni are (or have been) working in international companies such as a Ferrari, Ogilvy & Mather UK, L'Oreal US, Select NY Paris, Proxicom, Sisley, and Jimmy Choo, to name a few.

Alumni Testimonials

Robert Langereis Robert Langereis, Dutch, MSc in Marketing 2015
Digital Marketing Manager, FIXICO, The Netherlands

I believe that the major outlines and strategies used for traditional marketing are still valid for digital marketing. However, digital requires marketeers to think even more "outside the box". At IUM, creativity is highly valued. And as a marketing specialist, in my opinion, this is how you can differentiate. You can learn all the frameworks in the world, do your SWOT analysis and know Kotler and Armstrong by heart, but this doesn't make you a good marketeer. It is thinking creatively and differently, doing something new, inspiring, sizzling and awesome. Because, in the end, that's what it's all about: adding unique selling points to products and services through creative marketing. IUM taught me this!

Michelle Christodoulou Michelle Christodoulou, South African/Cypriot, MSc in Marketing 2015
Commercial Marketing Graduate Scheme, SSP Group Plc., UK

I chose the MSc in Marketing program at IUM because i believed it would give me exposure to, and knowledge in product and service marketing on a worldwide basis. Also the team works at IUM definitely were of great worth as my current position includes working within a team. IUM also gave me the practical experience needed in order to be part of a marketing team, not just theoretical.

I highly recommend the program because it combines the perfect variety of modules, lecturers, and we were even able to choose between a Thesis and Internship. ( I did my thesis on The Tools and Results of Digital Marketing for Hotels).

Christiaan Barnard Christiaan Barnard, South African, MSc in Marketing 2015
Assistant product manager in the licensed football apparel department, ADIDAS, Germany

I’m originally from South Africa and I wanted to experience a new culture with new challenges. I chose Monaco due to its international outlook and cultural diversity. I believed that going to Monaco and IUM would make me stand out and give me an edge over the competiting candidates. I also enjoyed the networking events, where students can meet managers and professionals with various backgrounds and from different cultures and industries; indeed, networking is now crucial. All in all this is an invaluable experience. Nowadays also education and having a master's degree are critical. Your competence and individual skills are the ones that will blew the others away. The way you use those skills to interact with other professionals can truly make you stand out and rise above the competition.

Laura Shammas Lara Shammas, Canadian, MSc in Marketing 2013
Business Development Manager, Jean-Pierre Braganza, UK

The professors of the MSc in Marketing are experts in their field, which makes the classes more interactive and hands-on. Also a cultural-mosaic is present at IUM, as the students and faculty members are international.

It's beneficial as it is an added value to the academic and personal learning experience of the student.