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Make luxury happened through   E-movie Learning training course

Make luxury happened through
E-movie Learning training course

available exclusively online for INSEEC's group schools

E-Movie Learning: an innovative learning experience

IUM students of the luxury specialization from the Bachelor, Master and MBA programs, now have the opportunity to take E-Movie Learning training course, offered by Luxury Attitude of INSEEC Group.

Working in the luxury industry requires specific knowledge and soft skills that are difficult for employers to find on a global level. “You Make Luxury Come True” offers a comprehensive and innovative environment that allows learners to acquire these skills and obtain the certification of the Luxury Attitude Academy, whether it is a company looking to train their staff or professionals aspiring to work in this sector.


The training course is based on a web series of eleven episodes, combining fiction and pedagogy, available exclusively online for INSEEC Group’s schools. Each episode covers a specific topic related to the Excellence of Service and illustrated with concrete examples and testimonials given by influential luxury professionals.

For the duration of the training course, learners have access to « Luxury Attitude Academy » community, an exclusive platform where luxury professionals specialized in Service Excellence gather and interact.

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Upon completion of the course, you will earn the « Luxury Attitude Certified » certification, which validates the acquisition of knowledge required to play a leading role in client experience in the Luxury Sector.

By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of the world of luxury, as well as of your role in client experience. Your performance will improve, and new career perspectives will open.

Dior, Air France, or Ladurée have already chosen the E-Movie Learning method for the training of their employees, so don’t hesitate and join the platform through the International University of Monaco today!

  • Progressive and blended learning
  • The 1st eMovie Learning based on the codes in television series that combine fiction and reality
  • A validation system that ensures that knowledge is acquired through three intermediate validations and one final validation
  • An animated and “supportive” community learning platform.
  • Training based on Social Learning through a community
  • Universal learning

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